Rethinking software development practices in the DoD using DevSecOps

Many programs and missions across the DoD lack software development practices that meet industry standards for agility. To address this issue, there is now an initiative to introduce DevSecOps, a proven approach widely adopted by commercial industry and successfully implemented across multiple DoD pathfinders.

By leveraging a DevSecOps approach and following proven practices and principles from the commercial sector, cross-functional teams can unify development, operations and security requirements. The benefits of doing so are waiting to be gained and include:

  • Reduced mean-time to production
  • Increased deployment frequency
  • Decreased mean-time to recovery
  • Decreased change-fail rate
  • Fully automated risk management
  • Baked-in Cybersecurity

This white paper explains the advantages in more detail and demonstrates how the database can – and should – be included as a natural partner in the software development lifecycle.

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