Automate database deployments

Speed up software delivery with repeatable processes that stop your database being the bottleneck.

Software is at the heart of how your business responds to customer needs. Your database shouldn’t stand in the way.

But too often, database changes slow things down. They add risk and uncertainty, or make it hard for teams to work together and deliver value.

Redgate gives you an end-to-end solution for database continuous integration and continuous delivery. You can work on your database with the same tools as for application code and keep development for both in sync.

How our customers have benefited

  • Release cycles reduced from months to days
  • End-to-end database development tools from a single vendor
  • Deployment process shortened from a full day to 10 minutes
  • Cut post-deployment errors by 30%

“Code goes from months to deploy, to days... When we want to bring out new functionality for the customer, we can do it really quick. That's the real benefit.”

Jon Forster, Senior Global Program Manager, Fitness First

Advantages of automated database deployments

Prevent software errors

Get a fast, reliable way to check your database changes. Build, test, and deploy on every check-in to make sure your released are production ready.

Built-in review steps further reduce the risk of deployment problems and you can safely deliver updates to your customers as often as you need.

Make deployment transparent and safe

Respond quickly to business needs with safer deployments. Make your process transparent by automating tasks like creating deployment scripts, and free your team up for more valuable work.

Keep your teams in sync

Keep development teams in sync with database continuous integration. Get early feedback on whether changes you commit to source control can be successfully built. And always have a stable build ready to deploy at any time.

Extend the systems you use to build and deploy your applications

Work with the build and deployment tools you use for your application to get more out of your existing infrastructure.

Extend tools like TeamCity and Azure DevOps to your database with out of the box plugins, or connect to any build and release tool to create your own customized workflow.

What does the process look like?

  • Standardize
  • Automate
  • Monitor
  • Protect

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Compliant Database DevOps

DevOps has entered the conversation. It’s provided a route to remove the database as a bottleneck. Learn how IT teams can balance the need to deliver software faster with the requirement to protect and preserve data in this free whitepaper.

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Case study

ABSA Bank: Introducing database automation

"Our key consideration for all activities is risk management. If our systems go down it costs ABSA a lot of money very quickly" Rynhardt van Rensburg, Systems Analyst, ABSA Bank

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