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We are finding it very useful, especially the analysis counters, and it really helped us isolate where we were experiencing a bottleneck with one of our servers. The information that I gathered and presented via SQL Monitor to my manager was more than enough justification for them to sanction a new server for me to get the server performing.

John Q Martin, SQL Server DBA

Once in a great while you come across a tool you just can't live without, and SQL Monitor is one of those tools. It delivers an incredible amount of useful data in an easy to use format, and now that I have it, I can't imagine managing a large SQL environment in any other way. It gives me the ability to quickly see what my priorities should be, and it delivers the information I need to make the right decisions. There's no question in my mind that it is the most powerful third party tool you can deploy to help manage SQL Server.

Aaron Kolysko, Database Administrator, Monsoon Commerce, Inc

One of the first things I do every morning is check SQL Monitor. It now has a permanent place on our monitoring screens so we can see at an instance what our database servers and the databases themselves are doing. With future additions this tool will receive, it's just going to get better and better...

Timothy Walker, Systems and Database Administrator, EnergyQuote JHA

What does SQL Monitor do in my opinion? It puts us all on the same page. It is easy to use, has the data we need and more importantly everyone just gets it. It's the freaking iPhone of SQL monitoring- my boss can get it, the junior people can get it, the senior people... everyone just gets it. To me, that has tremendous value.

Rob Sullivan, DBA, IdeasRun

SQL Monitor has made my job of monitoring production servers much easier.

A few weeks ago I noticed that the I/O on one of my production servers was much higher than normal. Using SQL Monitor I was very quickly able to determine that TEMPDB was the cause of the higher I/O. In less than an hour the changed stored procedure was identified and fixed. Without SQL Monitor I might not have noticed the problem for several more hours.

The new feature of showing the top 10 queries is great! Especially since it also shows you the query text and the plan_handle for the query plan. As usual Red Gate has another winner!

David Smithey, SQL Server DBA, Curves International

SQL Monitor has literally transformed the way we deal with our production database issues! It is quick and easy to figure out what the cause of the blocking/deadlock processes are so that they can be remedied in the shortest possible time...which means happy users and customers. There are a plethora of alerts which help us to ensure our database servers are running optimally.

Another really great feature is how the alert ties in with the analysis tab, enabling the user to go through many performance counters to help investigate what the server's state was at the time of the alert, with handy help information to further diagnose the problem.

Great product, great technical support, well done Red Gate!

Rakesh Patel, Senior Developer, Justis Publishing Ltd

I have fallen in love with SQL Monitor, which allows me to monitor my systems, and respond to issues as they arrive, on a plethora of devices. I have been informed of issues while in church, late at night as I go to bed, on my phone while driving somewhere, and other random places. Knowing what is going on, and being armed with enough information to act is a huge time saver. This product has changed how I monitor my systems.

TJay Belt, Database Administrator

I love SQL Monitor, but love the forum responses from your team even more. The fact that I don't even own a true license yet, and they have already created enhancement requests regarding my post is truly remarkable.

Scott Walls, Merrick Systems

Sitting on the couch w/ my Galaxy Tab, & checked on my dbs with #sqlmonitor. Things running. Alerts being gathered.

Deadlocks, blocked processes and long running queries. What #sqlMonitor #redgate says I've got lots of tonight.

TJay Belt, SQL Server DBA, via Twitter

Being web-based, SQL Monitor 2.0 enables you to check on your servers from almost any location.

Jonathan Allen, Senior DBA

SQL Monitor is a must have tool for developers and SysAdmins who look after SQL Servers. At a quick glance, it allows users to see various performance indicators which can be viewed historically to compare potential issues at differing times.

Gregor Suttie, Senior Software Engineer, Pulsion Technology

SQL Monitor is an amazing SQL Server monitoring tool. Some of my favorite features include the web interface, alerts, being able to use RSS feeds for alerts, and the option to group information about my servers in only one window. Red Gate makes my work easier.

Rodrigo Crespi, SQL Server DBA

Testimonials for SQL Response, the previous version of SQL Monitor

Our events company has online ticketing systems that are hosted remotely, and need to be available around the clock. After a couple of unexpected outages, we  realized that we needed a reliable monitoring solution from a proven industry vendor. SQL Response has been the perfect fit for us. The tool is lightweight, intuitive, and easy to setup. Best of all though, has been the fantastic support from the Red Gate team: timely, accurate, and professional. Great stuff, Red Gate!

Simon Doubt, DBA, Fulcrum Media, Inc.

We were migrating a 30 year old Unix/Cobol application to SQL Server, using middleware to translate the Cobol data requests into SQL. It all worked perfectly until it went live – then all sorts of SQL hangs and bomb-outs occurred – the customer WAS NOT HAPPY! SQL Response gave us the necessary low-level insight into what was really going on in SQL Server in real-time... without it, we would never have understood what was causing the problems, so as to get the middleware fixed. Thanks Red Gate, you saved our bacon!

Ian McDermott, Director, Softlink Solutions Ltd.

SQL Response is a great addition to an already great line-up of "must have" tools for SQL Server.

Scott Willhite, Director of Community Relations, DotNetNuke Corporation

Red Gate provides tools for professionals that just make life easier. If you are a DBA or someone who spends time on, in, or around databases, here are just the tools for you.

Simple, lightweight, yet powerful applications that can help you manage backups and restores; tools to document, to compare and to easily write code, queries and reports, while saving countless hours at the same time. SQL Response, for example, enables you to monitor, get alerted and respond to SQL problems before they start, in an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly and visually precise way, with drill-down detail where you need it most.

I am not a DBA, but with these tools I am as good as any out there.

H John B Manderson, President and Principle Consultant, Wireless Ventures Ltd.

You guys have great software. I am an Oracle DBA and fairly new to SQL Server, and the monitoring in SQL Response is excellent. We had a developer accidentally drop a database in development today and SQL Response caught it.

Mike Towery, VP of Operations, KnightWorks Consulting, Inc.

Keeping an eye on our many SQL Server instances is much easier with SQL Response. I now have one place to look to see if my production servers are healthy and what routine maintenance is required.

The information is presented in a format that makes it easy to spot problems quickly. I particularly like the links to Red Gate's Support center that give me detailed background information and advice about the events and recommended resolutions. SQL Response also helps me deal with the 'challenges' that our development team continues to present on our development servers. Keep up the good work, Red Gate!

Mike Lile , DBA, K2B, Inc. (SQL Response Release Candidate Tester)

Very impressed! It's an easy installation and the tool is light-weight. It doesn't measurably impact my servers, and still provides great monitoring for all aspects of my server's health.

Chris Miller, Senior DBA, Kansas City, MO (SQL Response Release Candidate Tester)

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