Amazon RDS Monitoring

A tool for monitoring your RDS SQL Server instances and your on-premises servers, all through a single pane of glass.

Monitor your entire SQL Server estate from a single pane of glass

Your SQL Server estate requires a mechanism that lets you know immediately when something is wrong, whether the database is stored locally or on the cloud.

You need to receive the right alerts, at the right time, in order to respond to issues and to be proactive in your management. This is true whether the data is stored up in AWS or locally on your machines.

"SQL Monitor lets us quickly know what the exact problem is so we can jump on it and fix it before the customer even notices."

Nick Percy, Senior DBA, Claranet
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Monitor your AWS Virtual Machines right alongside RDS

Some of your load may be on the Platform as a Service, RDS, but some may be in AWS VMs. Either way, Redgate Monitor has the knowledge and metrics you need to keep a close eye on the behavior of your systems in order to better protect your information.

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Pricing and editions


$1,098 per server, per year

Ideal for businesses looking for a powerful, comprehensive database monitoring solution.

Standard includes:

  • Global overview
  • Diagnosis
  • Alerting
  • Deployments
  • Query impact
  • Cross-platform monitoring


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The perfect choice for large organizations requiring advanced monitoring capabilities.

Everything in Standard plus:

  • Security monitoring & auditing
  • High Availability architecture
  • Data API

Key features

Hybrid Monitoring – Your local instances and AWS RDS databases in a single pane of glass

Redgate Monitor works with your SQL Server data, wherever that data exists, from local instances to AWS RDS and AWS virtual machines. You can keep an eye on your estate, regardless of where the data is.

Wait Statistics – Understand and identify performance bottlenecks in AWS RDS

With Redgate Monitor you get all the wait statistics from your databases in combination with query performance statistics so that you can address your AWS RDS performance issues as needed. Being able to fix performance issues helps reduce the overhead of operating in the cloud.

A Familiar Approach – Your local instances, virtual machines and AWS RDS databases display the same information

Because Redgate Monitor shows you a common view into wait statistics, I/O, CPU, query behaviors and more, you can validate that the performance on your local instances is the same or better than your performance within AWS RDS. This functionality makes the process of moving into AWS easier, and also makes the results of that move more likely to be successful.

Alerting – Common information about your AWS RDS databases and SQL Server instances

A deadlock is an issue whether you’re on AWS RDS or on a local server. The built-in alerting in Redgate Monitor will help you immediately respond to issues, whether you are on-premises, in the cloud, or both.


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The Evolution of Redgate Monitor

Through continuous innovation, Redgate Monitor stays ahead. So you, your team and the whole organization can, too!

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Monitoring Amazon RDS with Redgate Monitor

In this webinar AWS Community Builder Grant Fritchey and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner David Dang demonstrate the powerful functionality Redgate Monitor has to monitor SQL Servers hosted on Amazon RDS.

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