Case studies

Case study

From hours to seconds: Provisioning data 720 times faster

Santam, the largest general insurer in South Africa, provision high-quality test data at scale. SQL Provision provided a solution to automate and provide on-demand delivery of test data, resulting in reliable data environments being delivered 720 times faster, using 95% less storage space.

Case study

Bennetts: Moving to a dedicated database development model

Productivity is the big advantage Ryan sees in adopting SQL Clone. It’s not just about saving time on current provisioning processes, it’s about giving the team the ability to introduce new practices and processes that will enable them to do more. What if they wanted to compare different approaches to developing the same feature, or the behavior of before-fix and after-fix versions of a feature, for example?

Case study

Moody's Analytics: A new approach to database provisioning

Moody's Analytics had a constant need to provision database copies, particularly for the Test Engineers who needed to run multiple daily database integration and acceptance tests. SQL Clone reduced the time taken to deploy a database copy from hours to minutes.

Case study

Paymentsense: Rapid database provisioning

Paymentsense, the UK's largest merchant service provider and one of Europe's fastest growing Fintech firms, cut provisioning time by 85% and transformed the way teams work, with SQL Clone.

Case study

KEPRO: Ensuring HIPAA compliance

Since adopting SQL Provision, KEPRO, a leading healthcare organization, have been able to get a new off-shore development team running and compliant, save 15-20 hours a week in provisioning processes, and reclaim terabytes of disk space.

Further, they’ve successfully masked their PHI without jeopardizing the integrity or volume of the data for development and testing purposes.