Replace sensitive data with realistic, anonymized, test data

  • Multiple methods to sanitize sensitive information
  • Use templates to remain consistent with existing data formats
  • Replacement data sets included, such as Names, Zip Codes, Emails
  • Populate test data as well as sanitize existing information
  • Simple, repeatable, fast, and easy to use
  • Supports SQL Server and Oracle databases
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Why sanitize data in test databases?

For legal and practical business reasons. A leak of sensitive information (particularly consumer data) from a test database can cause a devastating loss of public confidence, and the possibility of legal liabilities.

Remove the risk of inappropriate data visibility

Data Masker is an inexpensive way to eliminate a large security problem. The test data looks real - your development teams will never know the difference - and yet the sensitive information content remains completely secure.

Adopt a simple, repeatable process

Securing sensitive information with Data Masker is a simple, repeatable, push-button process which can be quickly applied whenever a test database is refreshed with production data.

The consistent update of denormalized data after masking is simple. Data Masker contains custom synchronization rules for all three challenges: Synchronizing data at the row level, ensuring consistency of newly masked data between rows in a table, and maintaining the consistency of data between tables.

Configured masking rules can be saved and re-run at any time.

Customize data masking rules at scale

A broad range of replacement datasets are included with the Data Masker software and it is possible to add your own user defined collections of data for specific cases.

Each edition of Data Masker (Oracle and SQL Server) is specifically written for the target database architecture. Data Masker is fast, and is designed for extremely large and complex systems.



Data masking - What you really need to know before you begin

This paper provides a survey of the practical issues involved in the masking of sensitive data and tells you the things you really need to know about before getting started.


Data masking for HIPAA compliance

This paper is focused on the practical issues and techniques involved in the preparation of de-identified HIPAA compliant databases.

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Data Masker on Redgate University

Learn the basics of Data Masker with self-paced online training courses from Redgate's Microsoft Data Platform MVPs and engineer

SQL Provision - Create, protect, and manage SQL Server database copies for compliant DevOps

With the virtual cloning technology in SQL Clone, databases can be created in seconds using just MB of storage, allowing for isolated development and testing. Sensitive data can be anonymized or replaced with realistic data using Data Masker, to ensure data is protected as it moves between environments.

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