Diversity and inclusion

We know from experience that diverse teams are better at identifying and solving problems, and that diversity is essential to creating a healthy, creative culture.

The Support team

How Redgate is doing

At Redgate we're not yet as diverse as we'd like to be, and we're working on it.

We're already seeing positive changes from our work over the last 18 months, and we're committed to keeping up this momentum.

We're proud to be part of the growing number of tech companies working openly for greater diversity in our industry.

What we're doing to improve


Over the last eighteen months we've sought out diverse candidates from a variety of new sources outside of our traditional hiring paths, like Makers Academy. We’ll continue seeking out more new recruitment paths.

Flexible hybrid working

As a company, we have always believed it's really important to strike a balance between work and home life.

People can generally work the hours that suit them around our core hours (depending on the role they're in) and in addition for most UK roles, Redgate now adopts a flexible-hybrid model which means that people will typically work flexibly between a remote and office environment.

These evolving ways of working are key to helping Redgate to attract and retain a diverse workforce in the future, whilst also providing as much choice and flexibility as possible around childcare and caring responsibilities to help everyone balance work and family life.

Women in leadership

We have some great examples of women developing their careers at all levels across Redgate, which has contributed to the 13% year-on-year increase of the percentage of women in the upper middle pay quartile. Women also represent 50% of our Executive Team in the upper pay quartile, each of whom have been promoted internally after progressing in their previous roles.

Family-friendly workplace

Alongside flexible hybrid working, Redgate also offers enhanced paternity, maternity and shared parental pay. We offer additional support such as maternity coaching, where anyone going on maternity leave also receives support from an external coach before, during and after their leave.

This helps us to retain talented female Redgaters once they have a family and it also supports our focus on employee wellbeing.

Enhanced pension payments for women on maternity leave

The gender pension gap begins with the gender pay gap. This is because the amount people save for a pension is usually a percentage of their salary.

According to a Legal & General study in 2021, the average pension pot of a woman at retirement is less than half that of a man.

Periods of time away from work on statutory or nil pay whilst on maternity leave compound this further, so at Redgate in the UK, we continue to pay the full pension contributions based on people’s normal salary when they are off work on maternity leave, rather than a percentage of the reduced earnings.

Women in our Engineering internships

We partner with organizations such as She Can Code and Rate My Placement to help progress women in STEM careers.

Our Software Engineering and Product Design internships are actively promoted as widely as possible to widen our reach, including all female STEM undergraduates registered with Rate My Placement (circa 5,000).

In 2021, 25% of our engineering interns were women, up from an average of 17% in previous years.

Diversity events

Creating a diverse environment is the responsibility of individuals just as much as the company - so we hold awareness and education events to make sure everyone in the company is informed and able to make a difference, including:

  • Ada Lovelace Day workshop
  • Diversity Lightning Talks
  • Sponsorship of DevelopHER awards
  • Sponsorship of the Women in Tech group at PASS

Mental health

We give everyone at Redgate access to the resources they need to look after their mental health and be aware of each other’s needs:

  • Employee Assistance Program who can offer counselling
  • Occupational health providers who can offer therapy
  • Mental health awareness training for managers
  • A strong focus on wellbeing

Our Pasadena team


Our brand new Cambridge HQ provides a barrier-free and flexible base for all employees, with level-access throughout, a private wellbeing room, Blue Badge parking, accessible restrooms with hoisting and shower facilities, height-adjustable desks, and more. As a truly flexible-hybrid business, employees are also able to dial-in to meetings remotely with the latest video conferencing technology. We strive to provide an environment that’s truly welcoming for all, and welcome all feedback to continuously improve in this regard.

Our Pasadena office in Old Town has nearby street parking and parking lots, and an elevator at the back of the building.

“I love coming to work every day knowing that I’m going to be solving difficult problems with such a diverse, interesting, and talented group of people”

Nina, People Partner

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