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Digital transformation: Keeping the database in scope

IDC predict that in less than three years, 60% of global GDP will be digitized – bringing Satya Nadella’s frequently quoted message that 'every company is a software company' front and centre in any enterprise’s boardroom.

But during Digital Transformation, how do you keep the database – the system that underpins your commercial advantages – in scope?

Unless the database, and the vital customer data it contains, is placed front and center of DX, the project runs a high risk of failure. Yet too many business-critical DX projects still fail to factor it in, along with the teams that develop and manage it.

In this new whitepaper from Redgate, we explore the vital role that the database plays in a successful DX project, and the four key areas you must consider:

  • People – why IT operations and the DBA are essential to DX success
  • Processes – best practices adopted by successful database teams
  • Platforms – infrastructure and compliance concerns that can hold you back
  • Productization – why your data is the key to business success, especially for established businesses

Read this new whitepaper now for the latest thinking on Digital Transformation, best practices for innovation and meeting customer demands, and the critical role of data and the database in your business’ success.

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Meeting customer demands for software delivery

Focus now turned to the technical division, who were under pressure to review their innovation cycle and to drive customer-facing features and products that would cement further gains in an increasingly competitive market.

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