Database DevOps resources

More and more teams are turning to DevOps to help speed up the software delivery process. By working together more collaboratively across teams, and adopting best practices like build and release automation, it is possible to transform the way you deliver software to your business and customers.

But unless you include your database in that transformation, your DevOps journey is not yet complete. Our Database DevOps resources are here to help you understand how the database fits into the picture.

Solving Database Deployments whitepaper


This whitepaper explains how you can extend DevOps practices to your SQL Server databases. By adopting best practices, and applying the right solutions, you can start to gain consistency across your applications and databases, increase efficiencies through your development and operations teams and remove that last bottleneck.

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The State of Database DevOps

Survey on DevOps adoption rates

This report contains the results of a survey of over 1000 SQL Server database professionals, across a range of industries and company sizes. We asked how many of them had adopted, or were planning to adopt, DevOps practices in their organization and how many of them had applied the same principles to their databases.

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Shift LEFT magazine

Issue 1

The Database DevOps magazine from Redgate is where you can find out what’s been happening in the world of Database DevOps. This collection of news and articles, from Redgate and our partners, explore how – and why - application and database development can both make the most of DevOps

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