A solution brief for Data Architects and Database Administrators

Dedicated database environments for development, test and CI

As DevOps scales through your organisation, it drives the alignment of database and application teams. But while agile methodologies have brought greater velocity to application development, database development cycles remain slow in comparison.

The reason? Many software teams find it challenging to align foundational DevOps practices across application and database, such as each developer having their own dedicated database environment to work with.

The time it takes to refresh database environments, coupled with infrastructure and compliance overheads, often blocks the provisioning of multiple copies for development and testing.

SQL Provision unblocks dedicated database environments for developers, letting you distribute multiple copies of production databases in seconds with minimal footprint, while automatically masking sensitive information.

Aligning database provisioning to modern DevOps practices facilitates shift-left testing, optimizes CI pipelines, and creates new opportunities for agile database development.

  • Speed: Cut database provisioning time to seconds and accelerate development cycles
  • Space: Shrink TB-sized databases to tens of MBs and reallocate storage costs
  • Quality: Catch data-related issues earlier and enjoy greater release success
  • Risk: Mask sensitive data to safeguard against breaches and ensure compliance

Download this solution brief to learn how SQL Provision lets your software teams deliver database environments at the speed required by modern development practices, while meeting data privacy targets.

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