$1,895 per user.

Save 60%

Starting at $1,895 per user, the SQL Developer Bundle costs 60% less than buying our SQL Server development tools individually.

Volume discounts

  • Save 20% on 5 licenses ($1494 per user)
  • Save 30% on 10+ licenses ($1307 per user)

Simple license management

Buying all your tools in a single bundle means one license number, one support package, and one for upgrades and renewals. It’s the simplest way to give your whole team access to the same tools and the latest updates.

Support & Upgrades

A Support & Upgrades package gives you access to:

  • Free upgrades - get new major releases of your software for free. Without a Support & Upgrades package, upgrading to new major releases costs 70% of the list price.
  • Priority support - if you hit any problems, a dedicated product support engineer will endeavor to resolve them within 24 hours, by email, forum, live chat, or phone – whichever is easiest for you.

A one year Support & Upgrades package costs 25% of the price of your software. You can also buy two or three year packages for 50% or 75% of the price.

"Even with a team of two developers, there is huge value in the SQL Developer Bundle. If you estimate that each developer saves 15 minutes per day of productivity, then 1/32 (15 minutes / 8 hours) of their salary is recovered. If the average developer salary is $80,000, then this by itself translates to a benefit of $2500 per year. This is just the benefit of not having to maintain and deploy scripts."
Ernest Hwang, Senior Software Engineer at Practice Fusion