Red Gate has once again developed a tool that will allow me to cross one of my most overwhelming tasks off my to-do list. Dependency Tracker allows me to do something I never thought possible; I can actually see my database – in all its awesome complexity.

Bernard Sheppard, Founder, Sheppard Consulting

I love this program. I am considering naming my first child Red Gate Weese! I thought SQL Dependency Tracker Weese was probably too long

Daniel Weese, DanWeese.com

Very useful tool that helps get new employees up to speed and become productive in record time..

Blane Davis, Consumer Source, Inc.

SQL Dependency Tracker is an INVALUABLE tool. We are building a portal from the ground up, and having this tool allows us to comb through the MANY layers of dependencies with relative ease before deciding on how to best structure the database. I have used Red Gate tools for years and will continue to do so

Doug Shontz, Senior Database Administrator, AdvancED

We cannot provide any quick solutions related to SQL Server business users without this valuable tool. This tool benefits both IT engineers and business users directly and indirectly

Jun Ishikawa
SQL Dependency Tracker is simply one of the best SQL Server tools I've ever used. I don't know if five reasons are enough, but here are my top five:
  • It's incredibly easy to use
  • Very responsive, even with large numbers of database objects
  • Visually appealing (it's fun to watch the different layout algorithms)
  • The underlying SQL for any object is immediately available with a simple right-click
  • It provides an effective macro-level view of complex databases. SQL Server has some layout functionality built in. Visio's reverse engineering tool is okay, but SQL Dependency Tracker just blows them all away.
Ed Macauley, Sr. Developer, Benchmark Brands, Inc.

I am so amazed at how wonderful the products are! SQL Dependency Tracker far exceeded my expectations - and I have been demonstrating it to my co-workers and my boss. It even helped us to see when we had references to non-existent databases. It is incredible!

Danette D. Riviello, Lead Database Administrator
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