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By listening and delivering on what you, our customers, need, our teams have built a world class monitoring tool that we are continuously investing in and committed to.

  • Four dedicated teams working on Redgate Monitor
  • Weekly functionality and performance improvements
  • Built to stay ahead of continually evolving environments and demands
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Developed with future demands in mind

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Improve performance and uncover issues fast

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Monitor your environment across cloud and on-prem

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Designed to scale configuration and permissions

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"You should take some time out of your no-doubt busy schedule and check out Redgate Monitor. If you've never seen it before, I think you're going to be extremely happy with this tool. If you looked at it back in the day, you're going to be pleasantly shocked at where we are now. Our teams have built a world class monitoring tool."

Grant Fritchey, Microsoft MVP and Redgate Advocate

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The Evolution of Redgate Monitor 2020 to 2023

Through continuous innovation, Redgate Monitor stays ahead. So you, your team and the whole organization can, too!

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The Evolution of Redgate Monitor 2020 to 2023

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Top rated and trusted for database monitoring

How do senior leaders benefit from monitoring tools?

Matt Gordon
Director of Data and Infrastructure,

"I'm really passionate about this stuff… monitoring tools are important whether you're small, medium or large."

Chris Yates
SVP, Managing Director of Data and Architecture at Republic Bank

"From an auditing perspective, it's definitely very helpful to have the information already upfront and in hand."

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Migrating to the cloud?

With complete support for SQL Server hosted on Virtual Machines, Azure SQL Databases, Google Cloud, and Amazon RDS or EC2, you can monitor on-premises, virtual machines, elastic pools, and Managed Instances all within the same dashboard.

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Manage your growing estate

Redgate Monitor supports multiple base monitors, and one base monitor will cope with up to 400 servers, with minimal overhead. Even for very large server estates, spread across different networks, your team will retain a simple picture of the overall health, performance characteristics, and security of your estate.

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Work smarter with limited resources

Cut your daily server and database checks to minutes. The single pane of glass shows you the status and key metrics for your estate in one place. Customizable alerts can be tailored to your SQL Server environment to allow you to stay proactive.

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Dedicated teams working on Redgate Monitor

1 million

databases monitored


of Fortune 100 companies use Redgate's software

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