Purchase options for SmartAssembly

1. Pick a SmartAssembly license for your build server:

1. Which edition would you like?

For complete SmartAssembly functionality. Includes a free license of .NET Reflector VSPro

The basic functionality

2. How many licenses do you need?licenses Loading.. each

You need a license of Standard or Pro edition for each machine that processes builds for release – typically a build server.

Need to know the difference between Pro & Standard? View a detailed feature comparison

2. More than one developer using SmartAssembly?
Add an extra license for each one:

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If more than one person needs to use SmartAssembly, a license of the Developer edition is the cheapest way to give them access.

SmartAssembly Developer edition lets you:

  • Check build obfuscation on their local machine
  • Access shared error reports from builds generated by the Pro edition

You can't release software with just a Developer license – any builds you make will expire after seven days.

3. Pick your Support & Upgrades package:


For the duration of your Support & Upgrades package, you get:

  • Free upgrades to new major versions of your software
  • Technical support by email, forum, and phone – whichever is easiest for you

4. Your selected options are:

  • 1 license of SmartAssembly Pro
  • 0 Dev licenses
  • .NET Reflector VSPro (free)
  • 0 years of Support & Upgrades

Total cost: Loading..

Releasing applicationsStandardProDev
Allows you to process assemblies for release to end-users 
Code ObfuscationStandardProDev
Name mangling, control flow obfuscation, strings encoding, references dynamic proxy, pruning, re-signing strong named assemblies, declarative obfuscation, obfuscation of satellite DLLs, sign assemblies
Tamper Protection 
Method Parent Obfuscation 
Application Size Reduction and Speed ImprovementStandardProDev
Pruning, resource compression and encryption, dependencies compression and embedding, dependencies merging, declarative pruning
Automated Error ReportingStandardProDev
Error Reporting
Jump to source code from the stack trace
Report categorization
Custom web service 
SDK to access your exception reports programmatically and to manually pass exceptions to SmartAssembly if you wish to 
Custom templates for customizing the error reporting dialog and capturing additional data with exception reports (e.g. a log file) 
Store error reports in SQL Server, allowing you to share the reports with colleagues 
Store error reports in a local .mdb file
Feature Usage ReportingStandardProDev
Feature Usage Reporting
Export reports to CSV
Configuration reporting
Custom web service
Custom templates for customizing the dialog box that your end-users see when they are asked to consent to feature usage reporting
Store feature usage reports in SQL Server, allowing you to share the reports with colleagues
Store feature usage reports in a local .mdb file