In Development


Future Candidates

  • Redesigned dashboard for the cloning technology
  • View your images grouped by file system location and your clones by SQL Server instance, as well as the seeing clones of each image.
  • Search for images and clones by name, size, number of clones, and date.
  • Order your search results by name, date, or size to find the largest or oldest images and clones.
  • Reset clones back to their original state to aid testing scripts and experimentation.
  • See history of image and clone creation, deletion, and reset, including the user responsible and success or failure.
  • Download logs to help investigate errors and check Data Masker and SQL script output.
  • New rules which enable and disable indexes have been added. Disabling unnecessary indexes can improve masking performance.
  • A new rule type called the JSON Masker Rule has now been added. This rule will mask JSON data. The JSON Masker Rule can accept a wild card key name and mask all data (including arrays and objects) below that key or an explicit JPath can be specified.
  • The Audit and Log Options drop down on the Misc. Setup Tab now contains an option to turn off the automatic truncation of the Statistics tables for each full run.
  • Only one Trigger Refresh rule can now be added to a Rule Controller.