A great place to do great work

Redgate is based in Cambridge, England, the biggest technology hub outside California’s Silicon Valley.

We rub shoulders with other famous companies like ARM, HP Autonomy, and Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR), and play an active role in the lively technology community.

With its science parks, universities, and research facilities, Cambridge is literally buzzing with people who work tech, talk tech and get excited about tech.

That’s not the only reason to think about joining Redgate: Cambridge is also a beautiful place to live.

So let’s take a tour, courtesy of people who work at Redgate.

Why Cambridge?

Living in Cambridge offers the best of both worlds, balancing the friendliness of a town with the size, convenience, and facilities of a city.

At the heart of the city are the wonderful historic buildings of the colleges that together form Cambridge University.

Threading through them is the River Cam, famous for the punts that crowd the water every day.

“When I was first offered a job at Redgate, I was a little apprehensive, but it's been easy to get to know people here.

Some of my closest friends in Cambridge started off as ‘that-person-on-the-second-floor-next-to-the-copier.”


Where’s the best place to live?

Cambridge offers a choice of living in the town or country.

Within Cambridge itself, there is a wide choice of flats and houses in walking distance from the town centre.

Outside Cambridge, there are lots of lovely villages and smaller towns that offer a real slice of the good life.

If you’re planning on renting, a good place to start is Gum Tree, Spare Room, and Brett Ward.

If you’re thinking of buying or prefer to use an agency, a list can be found on Zoopla.

“A high percentage of people who live here have relocated whether it was six months ago or 20 years ago, so lots of people can relate to the issues and feelings involved.”


“Moving to Cambridge, my biggest consideration was probably finding somewhere close to work and town.

In my first week here quite a few people emailed me with restaurant and pub recommendations that were really useful.”


How do you get around?

Cambridge is generally flat, so cycling is very popular – so popular that more people cycle in Cambridge than anywhere else in the country.

There’s also a bus service that’s … quite good, and bus connections to Huntingdon and St Ives that are very good.

Add a train station and Stansted airport just down the road and you can literally get anywhere quickly.

“One of the best things about moving to Cambridge is its size; you can walk or cycle just about anywhere.”


What’s the day and nightlife like?

Perhaps we're biased, but for us Cambridge offers everything you could possibly want in terms of entertainment.

Well served with a variety of restaurants, you'll never be stuck for choice.

This culturally vibrant city offers an array of local sites to visit, world famous museums, a wide range of live music venues, and bars where you can let yourself loose.

For a quick, fun guide to Cambridge, take a wander through our delightfully intriguing infographic.

And for more detailed information, visit some of these magazines for some lively guides to everything local:

“The Empress pub in Romsey Town has the best atmosphere and the coolest quiz around; the Fez nightclub still has the best Rock / DnB nights in town.”


For a quick, fun guide to Cambridge, take a wander through our delightfully intriguing infographic

Relocation, relocation, relocation

We know what it’s like relocating to Cambridge – no, we really do.

Many of us have moved to Redgate from places as far afield as Islington and Italy, Huddersfield and Hungary.

Uprooting from wherever you call home right now is a life-changing decision that can be very stressful. That’s why we offer support, guidance, and help every step of the way.

We’ll assign a relocation agent to you to help you find a home in Cambridge that suits you, and we’ll give you time off to view properties if you need it. If there’s anything else we can do to help you settle into your new area and new job, we’ll be there to answer questions, resolve issues, and support you.

Remember too that there are many people in Redgate who have been through a similar experience. There will undoubtedly be someone on the team you join who can answer odd questions like “Where’s the nearest IKEA?”, “What’s the best pub in Milton?”, “Where can I buy food for my pet iguana?”, etc.

“My relocation was smooth, the relocation agent helped me with all the logistics and guided me through all the decisions, and Redgate covered my international relocation expenses.

What more could you ask?”