Testing Databases: What’s Required?

An overview of the challenges of database testing and test data management, reviewing the different types of database test that need to run during development work, what sort of test data they require, and how to manage all the required data sets, during development, in a way that allows rapid cycles of parallel testing. Read more

Managing Datasets for Database Development Work using Flyway

A generic way of exporting, deleting and loading data, for database development work. It uses Flyway Teams, a PowerShell framework, JSON files for storage and a table manifest to define the correct order of dependency for each task. It should help a team maintain datasets between database versions, as well as to switch between the datasets required to support different types of testing. Read more

Database Testing in a Flyway Development

If you can test and evaluate databases, and database objects, at every phase of the database development lifecycle, then you are much more likely to be able to adopt continuous delivery. The further down the delivery pipeline that bugs appear, the more costly in time and resources they are to fix. Read more