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Architecture & Performance

Location(s): France

Phone: +33 0619022336


Nos relations avec les éditeurs nous permettent de mieux comprendre les dernières innovations technologiques et d'accéder aux produits et options pour une usage parfois quotidien.

Centino Systems

Location(s): Oxford, Mississippi, USA - providing services globally

Centino Systems is an IT consulting firm that solves business challenges with technical innovation. Whether open source or a Microsoft solution, Centino Systems will architect a solution to meet your business needs. Centino evaluates the existing architecture and implements the direction best suited; refactoring existing systems or applying clean-sheet new technology.

Centino Systems is focused on emerging technologies – understanding the future direction of system development to ensure you are investing wisely in a new solution. Working alongside your team, Centino educates the IT staff and assures they are fully prepared to maintain your technology solution.

Crafting Bytes

Location(s): Based in San Diego, CA; Provide services across the United States and Canada

Crafting Bytes is focused on building high quality software products.

We find that the world of software is crowded with a lot of noise. Somewhere along the way, solving customer problems was lost as our one true directive and replaced with platform evangelism, buzz words, and pet technologies.

At Crafting Bytes in San Diego we are here to quiet that noise and refocus the efforts of technical artisans and craftsmen on solving your business problem. Crafting Bytes is about building software and creating solutions that lighten your load and calm your business


Location(s): London and the UK

DataMovements can help you build strong data platform foundations, with performance, scalability and resilience at its core, utilising the latest developments and features to achieve cost-effective strategies that meet your business goals. As a Microsoft Partner, DataMovements has consultants covering SQL Server, Azure, Office and Power BI.


Location(s): Based in Cardiff, Wales. Provide training & services internationally

Our mission? To make your life simple! DevOpsGuys manage your website so you can take
care of adding value to your business, without technical struggles and without stress. We offer
Application Delivery and Cloud Ops services and we also deliver training courses. Our 7 stage pipeline
will help you kick-start your digital transformation from the Planning stage right through to Operating.
Web Management. Simplified.

DLM Consultants

Location(s): Cambridge, UK near the Redgate offices. Provide training and consulting services internationally

Our mission is that our clients’ databases will not be their bottleneck on delivering customer value.

DLM Consultants is run by ex-Redgater Alex Yates. While at Redgate, Alex spent six years helping clients to implement DLM solutions using Redgate's software. There aren’t a lot of people who know the software better or have more experience implementing it. He was also on the team that created the original DLM Workshop series and DLM Consultants continues to deliver and maintain the content to this day.

Alex decided to start DLM Consultants because he could see that software and processes represent just part of the fix, and that organizations also need help with the human aspects of DLM if they are to successfully unblock the database bottleneck.

Drost Consulting

Location(s): Amsterdam

With over 15 years of experience with SQL Server, Drost Consulting specializes in performance tuning, Database Lifecycle Management and (remote) maintenance.

Drost Consulting works together with numerous high profile companies. From audits & health checks, development and training to delivering (cloud) architectures, maintenance and Database Lifecycle Management pipelines.

Drost Consulting can help you implement the complete toolset of Redgate and is highly specialized in SQL Monitor and SQL CI.

Axians IT Solutions GmbH

Location(s): Ulm, Germany

Axians IT Solutions with head office in Ulm is a manufacturer-independent IT company and is part of Axians, the global brand for ICT solutions from VINCI Energies. The Axians IT Solutions portfolio includes all components of core ICT requirements and delivers solutions for the demands of digital transformation. Always bespoke and tailored precisely to customers' needs. Employing an integrative methodology, the Axians IT Solutions specialists help customers exploit technologies and applications appropriately and optimise their processes. This gives new opportunities for shaping their business models quickly and agilely to digital requirements and accessing other market potentials. Its top partners include Cisco, Dell EMC, HPE, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, VMware, Citrix and other leading manufacturers. Axians IT Solutions is in third place in the “large systems firms” category of “Germany's best systems firms 2016” based on the IDG survey of customer satisfaction.

GDS Business Intelligence GmbH

Location(s): Based in Essen, NRW, GERMANY. Provide services across Germany.

GDS Business Intelligence is focused on building high quality business Intelligence solutions on Microsoft technology.

If you want to build a business intelligence solution on the Microsoft technology stack there are many choices to make. Our mission is to guide our clients through the whole process and to enable them to make good decisions. The process of building a business intelligence solution is based on a solid framework which can be supported by a DLM process. We advise customers how to do this and how to build a robust process.

Human Interactive Technology Inc.

Location(s): Japan

In order to bring business innovation to customers, at Human Interactive Technology we believe it is necessary to have technical expertise, whilst caring about people. Information Technology’s (IT) purpose is to make people's lives more convenient and comfortable. The founding goal of Human Interactive Technology has been to recognize that IT is made for people by people and to center our values around people.

In order to bring happiness to people in the IT industry, we have created business innovation for our customers using our current core technology and technology of the future. Our corporate philosophy will stay the same as technology and services continue to change.

IowaComputerGurus, Inc.

Location(s): Corporate Offices West Des Moines, Iowa (USA). Provides services globally.

As a consulting firm, IowaComputerGurus provides a wide variety of services from contracted software development to developer mentoring to performance & best practices recommendation. Using the experience from our 11+ years in business and global customer base we help solve some of the most challenging problems for our customers. We love showing development groups more efficient, stable and maintainable methods to accomplish their internal goals and all aspects of quality software development.

Our goal is to provide all services in a manner that exceeds customer expectations and clearing any hurdles that may have limited prior growth. Contact us today for more information on our services.

Jarrin Consultancy

Location(s): Newcastle Upon Tyne/UK – Provides services globally

Tel: +44(0) 1670 221737

Jarrin Consultancy are a world class SQL Server consultancy and database development provider based in the UK. We provide expertise for all your database and architecture needs. Although specialising in SQL Server and Azure, we offer consultancy for other relational database platforms including Oracle and MySQL as well as many of the market leading NoSQL platforms.

Launched in 2011, we combine decades of database experience covering all business sectors from retail to financial and everything in between. Our clients around the world put their trust in us time and time again and know that we always deliver what we say we will but more importantly, what the client needs.

Nebbia Technology

Location(s): Corporate Offices in Orlando, FL. Provides services across the United States

Nebbia Technology specializes in Application Lifecycle Management best practices and delivering Azure-based solutions. We partner with organizations to create software products that leverage Microsoft technologies while applying industry best practices in Application Lifecycle Management and DevOps.

Our team is made up of Agile practitioners that are excited about technology, seasoned and up-and-coming developers that are looking for great challenges, and a great team to collaborate with. Our expert consultants will provide you with Agile consulting, mentoring, guidance, and tool training.

We love automation and will help you get the most out of your tools and streamline your software development process, in order to give your teams more time to innovate and build great software.

Northwest Cadence

Location(s): Corporate Offices in Bellevue, WA; provides services across the globe

We do one thing, really well: we help you improve your software delivery and get real business results.
Northwest Cadence, Microsoft Azure and ALM Partner, serves organizations of every size and industry.

Our customers achieve more accurate estimated ship dates, reduced bug counts, and faster delivery of real business value with the right metrics and reports to know early when a project is at risk.

We are thought leaders and technologists from all parts of the industry. We work together as a team so we can help you do it too. Our favorite pastime is helping organizations design, build, and improve upon software delivery. What’s even better? Since Microsoft Azure, we also get to help organizations on their journey to cloud cadence.

SQL Maestros

120+ SQL Customers, 500+ projects, 1.5 decades of database experience, pan-India presence – SQLMaestros is a numero-uno brand when it comes to Microsoft Database Platform consulting, training, & content development. As Redgate's exclusive partners in India, SQLMaestros now brings a new level of productivity & innovation to its customers through Redgate's world class tools. To learn more, visit

xTEN | High-Performance Data

Location(s): UK (Services provided worldwide)

xTEN specialise in high-performance computer systems, with a strong focus on increasing performance, stability & security; whilst reducing overall cost of ownership. UK based but with an international customer base, xTEN offer a range of services covering SQL Server, Azure, .NET and Java.

If you’d like advice on which partner is best able to help you, talk to us. We know them, we’ve trained them, and we can recommend which of our experts is the most suitable for your particular requirements. Contact

How to become a Redgate partner

If you’re interested in becoming a Redgate partner, we’d love to hear from you.

We’re looking for experts in both ALM and database development. Here’s what we can offer you in exchange for your expertise:

  • Training on Redgate products.
  • Free NFR licenses for your own use, for demos and training, and for you to use at client sites as a proof of concept.
  • Inquiries from Redgate customers who need training or help getting started.
  • Marketing collateral and support.
  • Priority technical support if you hit any problems.

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