Healthcare Insights from the 2021 State of Database DevOps survey

Ten Healthcare insights from the
2021 State of Database DevOps

The 5th edition of the Redgate annual report is based on a survey of more than 3,200 IT professionals worldwide

DevOps adoption and performance​

Number 1

DevOps adoption has never been higher

73 percent

of Healthcare have introduced DevOps to some degree


The number one challenge to adopting DevOps is upskilling teams – the smallest is lack of exec. support

60 percent

of non-adopters already have plans to adopt in the next 2 years

Number 2

DevOps correlates with higher performance ​

50% of elite performers have fully introduced DevOps compared to 22% across the rest

Number 3 42 percent

have at least started implementing Continuous Delivery for database changes, a bit behind the 47% in other industries

Number 4 90 percent

are fully automating deployments for application, but only 60% do for the database

Elite performing teams in Healthcare are:

Number 5 Two times

more likely to have fully adopted DevOps compared with others in the industry

Number 6 Four times

more likely to release database deployments daily

Number 7 Three times

more likely to be able to deploy to production in only hours

Shifting database technology trends

Number 8

Database estates are becoming more diverse

67% now have 2 or more database systems in their technology stack, on par with other sectors.

Number 9

Cloud adoption rose in 2020

55% of Healthcare now host at least some of their production databases in the cloud, but only 42% expect cloud adoption to increase.

The impact of COVID-19

Number 10

More productive remotely

Healthcare are ahead of other sectors here

  • 11% report a negative impact
  • 82% agree that remote working will remain in the long term
  • 64% agree it has actually increased their productivity
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