Compliant Database DevOps in the Healthcare Sector

As database teams grapple with shortening release cycles and tighter data protection laws, the need to deliver realistic and compliant test data to development quickly and safely is greater than ever.


The Healthcare sector is one of those which is leading the way in its willingness to take up DevOps.
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Healthcare providers continue to face regulatory uncertainty and increasing patient demands.

To remain competitive and compliant, organizations must safeguard Protected Health Information while also delivering powerful solutions faster than ever before.

DevOps is the leading approach to tackle these goals in healthcare. By extending these practices to databases, you can improve the quality and efficiency of releases and ensure patient data is secured.

"We all have deadlines and sometimes to be honest, I think some security aspects fall through the cracks. It falls onto the people who are working directly with the data to stop it, even if there isn't that directive push down from above."

Joe Rivera, KEPRO


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Monitor performance & availability

As data protection legislation tightens and the risk of data breaches grows, so does scrutiny of how sensitive data is stored and used within organizations.

Support business requirements for frequent deployments, without compromising on the safety of your data or the stability of your production environments.

Safeguard against data breaches and stay compliant

Strike a balance between intensified data compliance needs and business demands for speed and agility.

Introduce managed processes that simplify HIPAA, GDPR, and Privacy Act of 1988 compliance by enabling high quality software to be delivered while protecting business critical data.

Deliver new products at speed

With high speed innovation in the Healthcare sector now the status quo, keeping ahead of the curve is key to maintaining a competitive advantage.

Synchronize database and application delivery to resolve issues early and fast, deploy as quickly and frequently as the business needs.

Case Study

KEPRO Healthcare

Since implementing Redgate SQL Provision, KEPRO has been able to onboard an offshore development team, save 15-20 hours a week in provisioning test data, and keep maintaining the highest HIPAA standards.

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2020 State of Database DevOps Report

The findings from the latest report will help any team interested in adopting or improving their approach to Database DevOps, no matter the platform they choose to work on.

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Improving deployment performance with SQL Monitor

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Test data provisioning for development

Discover the most common approaches to provisioning test data to development, and assess capabilities for delivering realistic data, removing bottlenecks, and meeting data privacy and protection regulations.

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Data masking for HIPAA compliance

This paper discusses each of the items listed in section 164.514(b) of the Privacy Rule’s Safe Harbor de-identification standard and illustrates various data masking techniques which can assist in satisfying that requirement.

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