The benefits of adopting Compliant Database DevOps at PASS

The GDPR presented a challenge for PASS - a community of over 250,000 data professionals with almost 300 Local Groups around the world and 24 Virtual Groups. PASS has a huge database that is constantly being accessed and updated through their website.

The IT team were already looking at how they could improve their process for deploying changes to the database, and meeting the new regulatory demands added another burden to their workload.

As an association dedicated to data professionals, this meant that the solution had to be a benchmark that PASS members could follow, making us of DevOps principles like automation and smaller, more frequent releases.

This case study shows how PASS were able to introduce compliance by default with the new data privacy regulations by using Redgate's solutions to apply DevOps practices to the database.

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Get the case study

Compliant Database DevOps

Redgate's Compliant Database DevOps solution gives you an end-to-end framework for extending DevOps to your database while complying with regulations and protecting your data.

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