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Essential practices for high performing Database DevOps teams

To enable high performance, database teams should implement a core set of industry best practices.

This ‘kernel’ of Database DevOps leads to better alignment between database and application teams and increases the throughput of higher quality releases. As a result, software teams can meet customer demands quicker and gain a competitive advantage over organizations where the database is a bottleneck.

This whitepaper describes four key practices for Database teams to implement when planning to follow a DevOps approach, and includes examples of successful customers.

For teams who are already following a DevOps approach it serves as a way to check that best practices are being following.

The four essential practices for high-performing Database DevOps teams are:

  • Dedicated development environments
  • Version control
  • Continuous integration
  • Repeatable deployments

Download this whitepaper to learn about the practices that high performing Database DevOps teams are implementing to deliver value to their customers faster.

Essential practices for high performing Database DevOps teams SQL Provision Whitepaper

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