The 2017 State of Database DevOps

Survey on DevOps adoption rates among SQL Server Professionals

You can find the 2018 edition of the report here

As software teams face increasing pressure to speed up the delivery cycle, the DevOps approach is gaining momentum. By working together more collaboratively across the full application lifecycle, Development and Operations teams are managing to significantly improve the efficiency, quality and speed of their application development and deliver value to the business sooner.

But what about the database? Do the complexities of database change management prevent teams from extending a DevOps approach to their database development too?

Redgate surveyed over 1000 SQL Server database professionals, across a range of industries and company sizes, to find out how many of them had adopted, or were planning to adopt, DevOps practices in their organization and how many of them had applied the same principles to their databases.

Download the full report to learn more including:

  • Rates of adoption of Database DevOps practices among SQL Server professionals
  • Key barriers to adoption of a DevOps approach to database development
  • Main businesses benefits of applying DevOps principles to both application & database development

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Compliant Database DevOps

Redgate's Compliant Database DevOps solution gives you an end-to-end framework for extending DevOps to your database while complying with regulations and protecting your data.

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