The 2021 State of
Database DevOps

Free report exploring DevOps adoption rates among database professionals

“Data is an integral part of the value for an enterprise, and its delivery has to be enabled by DevOps practices applied to the persistence and database layer.”

Pramod Sadalage, Director Data & DevOps, ThoughtWorks Inc.

Now in its fifth year, with over 8,000 survey participants to date, this industry-leading report will help any team interested in adopting or improving their approach to Database DevOps, no matter the choice of platform.

Along with contributions from Pramod Sadalage, Kendra Little, Grant Fritchey, Steve Jones, and Kathi Kellenberger, the insights provide an understanding of the challenges – and opportunities – of adopting Database DevOps that can help you benchmark your organization and build your business case.

The 2021 State of Database DevOps report includes data from every sector and every company size, from developers, DBAs, software delivery professionals and IT leaders across the world.

Download the latest report and you’ll discover a wealth of findings, including:

  • DevOps adoption, and its impact on software delivery performance
  • The impact of Covid-19 on IT and DevOps teams
  • Technology adoption trends for Database DevOps

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