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Strong IT performance is critical to business success, enabling you to quickly respond to the needs of your business and customers and keep up with the competition.

A DevOps approach supports this by encouraging your teams to work together to improve the efficiency and quality of software delivery and start adding more value to the business.

But the database is commonly a bottleneck.

Without the right processes in place, database change management slows things down, adding risk and uncertainty and getting in the way of development and operations working together to add value.

Redgate helps you remove the bottleneck by giving you a reliable, scalable and repeatable process for building, deploying and maintaining SQL Server databases, in the same way you do for your application code.

You get to optimize productivity, agility and performance across the full database lifecycle, maximize value and become a truly high performing IT organization.

"Redgate has the complete solution for SQL Server, and it's incredibly intuitive to use for what you would think should be complex, enterprise-level software."

The Database DevOps Process

From safely making a change in development to monitoring its impact in production, Redgate is with you every step of the way


Reduce time spent provisioning copies of production databases and ensure your developers always have access to realistic isolated environments. Being able to quickly provision database copies, whilst using minimal disk space, enables your team to develop, test and fix code faster and provides opportunities to experiment.

“We've cut the time for database provisioning by more than 85%, which is a really quick win for us.”

Ahmed Althamari, Senior SQL Server DBA, Paymentsense

High-performing IT organizations report experiencing

200x more frequent deployments
24x faster recovery from failures
3x lower change failure rate
2,555x shorter lead times

2016 State of DevOps Report

"...we're managing to release up to 95 times a day. It's vastly improved over one release every six weeks."

Ryan Crawford, Technical Manager, Skyscanner

How Redgate helps your team


We enable your team to standardize on a Database DevOps toolchain that maps directly to best practices like continuous integration and release management. It plugs into your existing software development stack to minimize set up and make collaboration easier.


We help you put in place transparent, repeatable & reliable database change management processes. You gain increased visibility of your database development pipeline, automate the database audit trail, and can more easily demonstrate compliance.

Continuous Improvement

We give you the tools and insight you need to monitor the performance impact of database changes. Knowledge you can use to continuously refine your database development processes and improve the way you deliver database changes.

"Our key consideration for all activities is risk management. If our systems go down it costs ABSA a lot of money very quickly"

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18 years in database software
87% rate support 'excellent'
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