Case study

Keeping pace with a shifting tech landscape


The world’s leading premium automobile and motorcycle manufacturer, financier, and dealership


Ensure the server estate copes with the demands of the numerous applications being developed by the business


Proactive estate-wide monitoring, where development teams have direct access to the monitoring tool


Dramatic reduction in tickets submitted to the operations team, and the server estate is now better able to scale

The customer

The world’s leading premium automobile and motorcycle manufacturer, financier, and dealership. Headquartered in Germany, with over 130,000 employees distributed globally, 2018 revenues amounted to nearly €97.5 billion.

The challenge

As in many other businesses, the operations teams in this vast motor group were under pressure to deliver more with less resource. As the business had grown, what was originally an Oracle-dominated technical estate began to see more developers turning to SQL Server.

Ultimately, an ops team of 12 people were responsible for ensuring that the server estate (with significant, multi-terabyte loads) was able to cope with the demands of the numerous applications being developed by the business. At the same time, the team was being asked to ensure that the environment was equipped for ever-evolving security challenges. This meant reviewing and rebalancing how much time they were spending on maintaining operational performance against time invested in development. It was a classic dilemma: deliver a consistent, uniform environment with defenses that ensure maximum uptime.

The solution

The solution was to move to a proactive estate-wide monitoring approach, that could act as a planning aid to minimize downtime and service degradation. This involved being able to analyze and set baselines for each territory’s estate.

Once this was established, the developers who were most frequently deploying applications to the estate were given direct access to the monitoring tool, in order to observe the impact of their code.

The results

There are several major benefits to the new solution, all of which help to minimize performance downtime and degradation as well as freeing up time for the operational team.

There has been a major change in how the development and operational teams work together. Internal developers are able to see the impact their code changes are likely to have, before they hit production, avoiding negative customer impact.

This has led to a dramatic reduction in the volume of tickets submitted to the operations team asking them to identify the root cause of issues. Developers are more empowered to pinpoint the cause and consequence, and operations are used more as a point of escalation, giving people the power to solve their own problems.

Freed up from reactive fire-fighting, the team are able to focus their time on predictive analysis, ensuring the entire estate is optimized for future growth. As apps increase in capacity and transaction volume, it is easy to see which servers are coping with the demands and are fit to scale.

This greater level of insight means the team can see which servers are coping well and where services need to be moved to different machines.

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