Case study

Delivering results with an increasingly distributed workforce


A FTSE 100 wealth management business


Cross-functional fragmentation was slowing down the firm’s ability to deliver new products and services


To introduce practices common to the Dev teams to the Operations teams: automation, unit-testing and documentation for quality assurance


Sprint cycles halved and post-deployment errors reduced by 30%

The customer

A FTSE 100 wealth management business, on a rapid growth trajectory, with over £95.6bn worth of client funds under management. With an international clientele in personal and private high-net-worth markets, the firm offers a highly-personalized and diverse portfolio of advisory services, from pensions and protection to inheritance tax, retirement planning, and investing, under the scrutiny of heavy regulation and fierce competition.

The consultancy’s technology teams work across all areas of the business, developing innovative solutions to clients’ needs. They are focused on ensuring the face-to-face service the group’s fund managers deliver is supported by real-time, data-driven insights.

The challenge

Five application development teams that were distributed across India and the UK had made huge advances in adopting DevOps practices to speed up the software delivery pipeline. But a two-speed working culture was disrupting the accelerated pipeline, as practices had not been extended across the internal value chain, and in-house operational teams managing the infrastructure estate were causing a bottleneck.

Having highlighted to the IT exec how cross-functional fragmentation was slowing down the firm’s ability to deliver new products and services to customers, a senior Development Manager was tasked with increasing collaboration and driving more frequent software releases.

The solution

The solution came by introducing practices common to DevOps-enabled application teams that had not yet been extended to Operations.

  • Automation of previously manual tasks: versioning, script creation, and team-based code formatting
  • Adoption of best practices such as enabling unit-testing and including documentation with code changes for quality assurance
  • Investment in training to accelerate adoption and drive buy-in

The results

Faster releases

  • Deployment man hours reduced from twelve to two
  • Halved the length of time for the average sprint cycle
  • 30% reduction in post-deployment errors

Standardized processes

  • Company-wide coding standards agreed with development and DBA teams
  • Database releases include documentation

Cross-functional alignment

  • Greater collaboration between office-based and remote teams
  • Foundation laid for future adoption of Database DevOps

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