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SQL Server Source Control Basics

by Rob Sheldon, Rob Richardson & Tony Davis

SQL Server Source Control Basics cover

Get started with database source control

For efficient team-based database development, and reliable and repeatable database deployments, going without source control isn't really optional any more. Quite apart from making it easier to work together, roll back, and share changes, it's the cornerstone of better change management and continuous integration.

But how do you get started? Database development traditionally hasn't used source control at all, and there's a bit of ground to cover before jumping into version control.

This book provides just the right combination of theory and practical example to get you started quickly.

Topics include:

  • Source control core concepts
  • Choosing a database version control system and structure
  • Branching and merging strategies
  • Automating database versioning and deployment from source control
  • An introduction to database continuous integration

The eBook gives a detailed walkthrough of database source control concepts, with code samples and clear examples - check it out.

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