New in Visual Studio Enterprise 2017

Extend DevOps processes to your SQL Server and Azure SQL databases in Visual Studio

DevOps is a wonderful thing

With it comes better collaboration across teams for early feedback in the development cycle, joint accountability for fixing problems, and working together to get value to customers quickly and efficiently.

Perhaps you’re implementing DevOps processes for your application development, and already reaping the benefits of increased productivity, agility and performance across your team.

So what about the database?

A common blocker that prevents organizations from implementing DevOps is the database. It has unique requirements and often follows a completely different development process from the one used for application development.

This is where Redgate Data Tools come in

  • Develop, source control, and safely automate SQL Server and Azure SQL database deployments from Visual Studio with SQL Change Automation Core
  • Increase productivity with advanced Intellisense-style code completion from SQL Prompt Core
  • Speed up SQL Server and Azure SQL database development by finding SQL objects fast using SQL Search

Stay in your comfort zone of Visual Studio

Redgate Data Tools are free in Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 so you can include the database in your DevOps processes without having to switch between applications.

Have a complete view of the database state (Pro feature)

Include static data alongside schema changes, and quickly assess database contents and history for an audit trail over time.

Precise control over database deployments (Pro feature)

Establish reliable, repeatable database deployments with fine grained control over objects you wish to be included.

Fit into existing DevOps tools and processes

To make it as straightforward as possible to include the database in your organization’s DevOps transformation, SQL Change Automation Core works with existing build and release tools such as VSTS, TFS, and Octopus Deploy.

Save time and increase team productivity

Work with SQL quickly and improve accuracy when writing and editing SQL.

Standardization across teams (Pro feature)

Format SQL in a consistent layout, and share styles across teams, for improved readability to spot errors and review scripts quickly. Create and share custom snippets, too.

Reduce risk of overwriting changes (Pro feature)

Take advantage of the best of both migrations and state-based approaches. Migration scripts are great for incremental, verified changes, but for objects without risk of data loss use a state-based approach to avoid overwriting others’ changes when merging branches.

Redgate Data Tools – SQL Change Automation Core, SQL Prompt Core, and SQL Search – are included in Visual Studio Enterprise 2017. Install the tools as part of the Data storage and processing workload.

DevOps for SQL Server and Azure SQL databases

If you’re looking to extend DevOps processes to your SQL Server and Azure SQL databases and you’re not sure where to start, get in touch.

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