Case study

Monitoring large SQL Server estates to drive business growth at scale


German IT service provider


Managing hundreds of servers with a small DBA team


A single pane of glass to manage a large and growing estate


The ability to scale operations at an unprecedented rate - 150 new servers and 70+ applications in one year

The customer

SQL Server is integral at Fiducia & GAD, running numerous third-party applications, which manage the banking systems of over 1,000 co-operative and private banks across Germany. With a growing client base, the IT service provider needed to significantly increase its SQL Server estate from 30 servers in 2012 to over 550 in 2018.

"Doubling the size of our infrastructure every two or three years would have been impossible, or certainly extremely difficult, without the capabilities that SQL Monitor offers."

550+ servers 36,000 ATMs 80 million bank accounts

"If your server was rebooted by IT we wouldn't know, and for long periods of time."

The challenge

Monitoring this number of servers was proving difficult for the company’s four DBAs who, with limited time to check the servers, were often forced to assume that everything was running well. "The only way we knew that something was wrong was when a customer called. We were forced to be reactive rather than proactive."

With a further 150 servers expected in 2018, Fiducia & GAD had two options: significantly increase the DBA headcount or invest in third party tooling.

"It was a problem because you had a physical script running on every single server, and when the server was rebooted you had to start it up again. If your server was rebooted by IT we wouldn't know, and for long periods of time you didn't have any performance monitoring. Then suddenly you have a problem on the server, only you didn't have any monitoring information."

"The speed of development and support from Redgate was amazing."

The solution

Windows monitoring gave Fiducia & GAD basic server information, but the team needed a simple overview of its large SQL Server estate. This would allow them to monitor performance at a glance and tackle issues before they became problems for their customers.

With many clients using different domains, the team also needed a tool which had the ability to monitor everything.

After evaluating numerous vendors, DBAs Patrick Meyer and Dennis Heitmann turned to Redgate’s SQL Monitor.

"The combination of domain support and the clear dashboard meant that SQL Monitor was the obvious choice. As expected with a large, complex estate, we had some configuration issues, but the speed of development and support from Redgate was amazing. With some vendors it may be years until a fix is implemented, but with Redgate, this was often resolved in the same day."

Within a few weeks, the team at Fiducia & GAD were able to configure the setup and alerts across all their servers.

"We are now aware of performance issues before our customers are. And the calls we receive are getting fewer and fewer."

The results

Since purchasing SQL Monitor, Fiducia & GAD has been able to scale operations at an unprecedented rate.

"We have introduced 150 new servers this year and 70-80 new applications. Without Redgate’s SQL Monitor this would not have been possible."

Managing this increase in servers would typically require additional support or jeopardize quality. However, SQL Monitor has enabled the DBA team to remain the same size, while also quickly alerting them to performance issues and allowing the team to be more proactive.

"We could have asked for more DBAs to help with the increased number of servers but now with SQL Monitor we don’t need to. This has certainly saved the company a lot of money. Since purchasing SQL Monitor we have greater confidence to know that things we thought were working are actually working. We are now aware of performance issues before our customers are. And the calls we receive are getting fewer and fewer."

By implementing SQL Monitor, the team have more knowledge and confidence that they are delivering the high standard of service their customers expect.

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