Everything you need for protecting sensitive data in SQL Server

  • Map your data estate for personally-identifiable information
  • Ensure the correct controls are in place to protect your data
  • Prove compliance for the GDPR, HIPAA, and SOX

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Introduction to the SQL Data Privacy Suite

The SQL Data Privacy Suite helps you protect your business by providing a scalable and repeatable process for managing personally-identifiable information (PII), as it moves through your SQL Server estate.

Our solution maps your entire SQL data estate, and monitors and controls it for protection appropriate to the sensitivity of the data, ensuring compliance during data handling.

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How the SQL Data Privacy Suite helps you protect personally identifiable information in SQL Server

SQL Estate Manager lists all your servers and databases including configuration details.


Save time mapping your SQL Server estate, from production servers to copies for development and test.

Gain insight into where databases live, what data they contain, and who has access to personally-identifiable information.


Remove the guesswork in understanding which tables or columns contain sensitive data for compliance.

Give data context by assigning descriptive labels and put in place the foundation to apply the right security levels to data as it moves around SQL Server estate.

Sanitize data in your test databases


Safeguard against data breaches and unauthorized access by masking and encrypting sensitive data.

Automatically apply masking rules when provisioning new databases or refreshing development and test environments with production data.

Ensure your business-critical data is safe by always backing up your SQL Server databases

Hear about problems within 15 seconds, with real-time monitoring from SQL Monitor. Automatic baselines show you if performance spikes are normal or a problem. Forecast capacity problems with ‘back in time’ mode, which shows you historical performance data.


Prove compliance through ongoing tracking, management, and reporting of your data protection policy.

Be alerted to incidents affecting the ability to restore the availability and access to personal data in a timely manner.

Products included in the SQL Data Privacy Suite

SQL Estate Manager

Automatically discover SQL Servers throughout your estate and classify servers, databases, tables, and columns that contain sensitive data. Track changes to your data estate, see who has access to PII data, and generate reports for proving compliance.

SQL Provision

Replace sensitive data with anonymized, yet realistic data for dev and test. Put in place a repeatable, transparent, and auditable process for provisioning database copies for development.

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SQL Backup Pro

Centralize the management of your backup and restore activities to protect against accidental loss of user data, database corruption, or hardware failures. Secure your backups with 256-bit AES encryption.

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SQL Monitor

View all your SQL Server instances, availability groups, clusters, and virtual machines on one central web-based interface. Monitor the availability of servers and databases containing PII and be alerted to issues that could lead to a data breach before it happens.

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Small estate

Discover and classify

Unlimited servers



Monitor and backup

10 servers

$3,995 per year


Mid-sized estate

Discover and classify

Unlimited servers



Monitor and backup

20 servers

$9,995 per year


Large estate

Got a larger estate?

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