Design at Redgate

We love to find, define, explore, and solve really tricky design challenges...


At Redgate the design challenges are diverse...

...luckily we have a diverse set of skills and backgrounds, and have one thing in common: we all love really tricky design challenges.

Our approach

We stay user-centred

Yes...we have a user-centered approach to design. It sounds a bit of a cliché, but focusing on the user at every step helps us solve the right problems, in the right places, for the right people.

Our approach

Our principles

Remind and guide us

It's easy to get distracted from what really matters, so our four design principles remind and guide us to do the right things for our users, our teams, and for Redgate.

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Our teams

Share and learn from each other

Whether it’s a chat at the coffee machine, a daily standup, or an impromptu collaboration, supporting and learning from each other is at the heart of every team at Redgate.

The teams

Join us, join in

We're always looking to meet User Experience Designers


Redgate's design system

Making it easier and quicker to create a coherent Redgate experience

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