Software Engineers

From managing deployment infrastructure to backing up SQL Server databases to the cloud and building development tools for mobile applications, you'll help us face the challenge of solving complicated customer problems with ingeniously simple software.

You can find out what makes us tick as a development team at /blog.

We're recruiting experienced software engineers across Redgate. We don't have a one-size-fits-all software engineer, so this isn't a typical cookie-cutter advert for a specific shape of engineer. At Redgate we try to be less concerned with your job title and more focused on the content of your work and the value you add.

We value many different types of engineers and encourage "T-shaped" personalities. Here's some examples of the sort of situational roles that we find valuable:

Technical Lead

You will enjoy the challenge of systems architecture and have a sense for how the pieces fit together. You'll want to be the go-to person for architectural questions and you'll have a sense of correctness for larger scale system issues. You'll know that supporting and nurturing your team members is just as important as writing code and you'll be happy to mentor and coach other developers to improve their skills.

We are very interested in talking to people with SaaS experience (continuous deployment, systems architecture etc.) and those who have experience with the challenge of adapting legacy systems to meet new demands.

Specialist Engineer

A specialist digs deep into one or more areas. You might want to know all there is about the CLR, or become an expert in a JavaScript framework. You'll keep up to date with the latest developments in your area of expertise and make sure that Redgate is always using the best technology for the purpose. You'll enjoy sharing this knowledge with your colleagues and perhaps further afield.

We are particularly excited about engineers with skills in creating awesome web experiences.

Product Engineer

You'll be able to empathize with users, understand how they'll use our software, and be happy working with our customers to shape and build Redgate's software products. You'll have strong opinions about what makes good and bad products and be able to justify them. You might want to run your own company one day, or work for a start-up - we'll give you valuable experience in working in a small team that truly owns the product.

We are looking for product engineers to lead the way in new ventures across Big Data, HTML5 mobile tools, and cloud services.

Technologies we use

The majority of our software is desktop based and uses C#/.NET, but we are increasingly moving towards software as a service.

Here's a selection of the current technologies we find useful:

  • C# / .NET
  • Azure / EC2 / Rackspace
  • Visual Studio and ReSharper
  • DVCS (Mercurial / Git)
  • TeamCity
  • Selenium, NUnit, Fluent Assertions, Moq and Ranorex
  • NuGet
  • Chromium Embedded Framework
  • Knockout.js and Angular

SaaS brings a new set of exciting challenges to Redgate and with it a new set of technologies to explore.

What's the package?

  • A great benefits package.
  • A commitment to your continuous learning and development.
  • Salary is between £40,000 and £55,000, depending on experience.
  • You'll work about 40 hours a week, with flexible work time.
  • We're based in Cambridge, UK.
Apply now

If you aren't quite ready to apply yet and would like to discuss the opportunities at Redgate in more detail first, then please email Jeff Foster (Head of Software Engineering) with any questions you have.

How to apply

If you identify with any of the roles, then please apply below.

To make your application stand out, tell us about the last epiphany you had about developing software and give an example of how you'd retrospectively apply this knowledge.

If you don't see yourself as falling into one of these areas but still think you'd be a valuable software engineer for Redgate, then please apply and tell us what we're missing in your covering letter.

Want an informal conversation first?

If you aren't quite ready to apply yet and would like to discuss the opportunities at Redgate in more detail first, then please email Jeff Foster (Head of Software Engineering) with any questions you have.

Apply now

Do you want to work term time only?

We’re currently experimenting with the idea of setting up a term-time team. If you’re interested in the above role and like the idea of working term time only, send us an email:

You can also read our blog to find out more about Redgate’s search for a term-time team.

The Redgate Recruitment process

Step 1

Step 1. Application

Step one is your application. So write a letter and upload it on the page for the job you’re interested in. Tell us about yourself, your skills and experience, and talk about why you’d like to work at Redgate. Include a CV, or a link to your LinkedIn page, and if you'd like to show some of your work, attach your portfolio or point us to Stack Overflow or GitHub.

Step 2

Step 2. Assessment

We’ll acknowledge your application straight away, review it and keep you updated on your progress. We might also email an assessment to complete, or invite you for a brief telephone interview. If we don’t think you’re suitable, we’ll inform you – and tell you why. We won’t let you down, we’ll try and help you.

Step 3

Step 3. 1st Interview

Step three is an interview in our Cambridge office. We’ll talk about your work history, your covering letter or video, and any assessments you’ve completed. You might also be asked to do some work-based tests and, if you’re applying for a technical role, expect technical questions – we love talking tech.

Step 4

Step 4. 2nd Interview

The second interview typically lasts two hours. You’ll be talking to different people, you may well meet people you’ll be working with, and we’ll allow time for you to ask questions. We don’t have a dress code at Redgate, by the way, so dress in whatever makes you comfortable.

Step 1

Step 5. Offer

If we think you’d be great at Redgate, we’ll make an offer and iron out any details like relocation issues. If we don’t think you’ll fit in right away, we’ll tell you why. Some people have taken our advice, boned up their knowledge and come back a year later and got a job. It helps.

This is our typical recruitment process, though for some roles it might be a bit different.

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