Meet the 2018 Friends of Redgate!

The Friends of Redgate program is for influential community members, such as popular blog writers and community site owners, as well as SQL Server, .NET, and ALM MVPs.

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Aaron Nelson

Consultant, MVP, Database Developer


Adam Hafner

Database Developer

Adrian Aucoin Jr

Consultant, Trainer, CTO

Corporate Services, LLC.

Andre Batista

Consultant, Trainer Database, Administrator

Crossjoin Solutions

Andre Essing

Technology Solutions Professional Data Platform

Microsoft Deutschland GmbH

Andy Warren

Consultant, MVP, Database Administrator


Annette Allen

Simple Talk Author, Database Developer

University of Exeter

Arnie Rowland

Consultant, Trainer, MVP, Database Developer

Westwood Consulting, LLC

Arun Sirpal

Database Administrator

Ben McNamara

Consultant, Contractor, Database Administrator


Ben Brown

Database Developer


Bob Pusateri

MCM, Solutions Architect

Heraflux Technologies

Bob Walker

Principal Software Architect

Election Systems and Software

Brandon Leach

Speaker, Database Administrator


Brent McCracken

MCM, Database Administrator

Kiwibank Limited

Brian Randell

Consultant, Trainer, Contractor, MVP, Partner

MCW Technologies

Brian Reisman

Trainer, Technical Architect


Brian Johnson

Business Intelligence Architect

Catherine Gero

Consultant, Contractor, CTO

Prenia Consulting

Cathrine Wilhelmsen

MVP, Database Developer

Cathrine Wilhelmsen Consulting

Chris Leonard

Consultant, Trainer, Contractor, Database Developer


Daniel Mate

Software Engineer, Consultant

Mr. Price Group

Dave Green

Trainer, Data Architect, Database Developer

DGTA Limited

Dave Poole

Technical Architect

Derek Noonan

Consultant, Trainer, Contractor, .NET Developer


Derek Slinn

Database Administrator

Zuto Ltd

Ed Leighton-Dick

Consultant, Trainer, Database Administrator

Kingfisher Technologies

Ed Watson

Consultant, MVP, Data Services Consultant

Innovative Architects

Eduardo Piairo

DevOps Engineer, Database Administrator, Speaker


Edvaldo Castro

Trainer, Technical Consultant - SQL Server DBA

Fidelity International

Eric Peterson

Technical Architect

Erland Sommarskog

Consultant, Contractor, MVP, Database Developer

Erland Sommarskog SQL-Konsult AB

Esteban Garcia

Consultant, Trainer, MVP, Technical Architect

Nebbia Technology

Feodor Georgiev

Consultant, Trainer, Database Administrator

Frank Geisler

Consultant, Trainer, Contractor, MVP, Database Developer

GDS Business Intelligence GmbH

Geovanny Hernandez

Trainer, Software Engineer

The Workshop

Hugo Kornelis

Consultant, Contractor, MVP, Database Developer

perFact BV

Ike Ellis

Consultant, Trainer, Contractor, MVP, Database Developer

Crafting Bytes

Jack Corbett

Consultant, MVP, Database Developer/Administrator

RiverStone Resources, LLC

Jane Palmer

Database Administrator

Jason Brimhall

Consultant, Trainer, Contractor, MVP, Principal Consultant

SQL Solutions Group

Jay Bonk

Consultant, Database Developer

Skyland Software

Jeffrey Verheul

Consultant, Database Administrator


Jerome Camel

.NET Developer

Jim Dorame

Consultant, Trainer, Database Systems Manager

Questar Assessment Inc.

Jim Murphy

Consultant, Trainer, Contractor, CEO

SQLWatchmen, LLC

John Morehouse

Speaker, Database Administrator

Farm Credit Mid-America

Jonathan Allen

SQL Server & Data Platform Trainer


Josh Garverick

Consultant, MVP, DevOps team lead

Liazon Benefits, Inc.

Karla Landrum

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Keith Tate

Trainer, Database Administrator

American Logistics Co, LLC

Kendal Van Dyke

Senior Consultant, Trainer, MVP, Database Administrator


Kevan Riley

Consultant, Contractor, Database Administrator

Riley Waterhouse Limited

Kevin Boles

Consultant, Trainer, Contractor, SQL Server consultant

Indicium Resources, Inc.

Mads Fog


Martin Cairney

Consultant, Trainer, MVP

LobsterPot Solutions

Matt Slocum

Speaker, Database Administrator

SNL Financial LLC

Matt Gordon

Data Platform Solution Architect


Michael Sorens

Simple Talk Author, Software Engineer

NextIT Corp

Michael K. Campbell

SQL Server Consultant, Trainer, Contractor

OverAchiever Productions, LLC

Mickey Stuewe

Sr. SQL Developer

SmashFly Technologies

Mitchel Sellers

Trainer, Contractor, MVP, Consultant

IowaComputerGurus, Inc.

Nathan Sundararajan

Database Developer

Rooms To Go

Neil Hambly

Consultant, Technical Architect

Northdoor plc

Niall Merrigan

Consultant, Trainer, MVP, Technical Architect

Capgemini Norge

Ola Hallengren

MVP, Technical Architect

Saxo Bank

Phil Grayson

Consultant, Trainer, Technical Architect


Philip Japikse

Consultant, MVP, Technical Architect

Strategic Data Systems

Pinal Dave

Consultant, Database Developer

Rob Farley

Principal Consultant, Trainer, MVP

LobsterPot Solutions

Rob Richardson

Consultant, Trainer, Contractor, MVP, .NET Developer

Richardson & Sons, LLC

Roberto Fonseca

Consultant, Trainer, MVP, Database Administrator

i-Finger Sistemas Empresariais

Rob Sewell

Database Administrator, Trainer, Contractor

Sewells Consulting

Rodney Kidd

Contractor, Database Developer

K-R-Squared Limited

Rodney Landrum

Consultant, MVP, DBA Consultant/Manager


Ron Dameron

Simple Talk Author, Lead Database Administrator


Sam Abraham

Consultant, Trainer, .NET Developer

Mutual of America / TECHNOLOGEOUS, INC

Sebastian Meine

Consultant, Trainer, SQL Stylist

Stuart R Ainsworth

Consultant, Trainer, Database Administrator

Jack Henry

Sunil Gulati

Technical Architect

Thomas LaRock

Consultant, Trainer, MVP, Technical Evangelist


Thomas Rushton

Consultant, Contractor, Database Administrator


Tim Costello

Consultant, Trainer

Tim Ford

Consultant, Trainer, MVP, Database Administrator

SQL Cruise

Tim Mitchell

MVP, Principal Data Engineer

Tyleris Data Solutions

Tim Radney

Consultant, MVP, Database Administrator


Tjay Belt

MVP, Database Administrator

Nature's Sunshine

Tobias Riley

Consultant, Contractor

AME Futures Ltd

Tom Chantler

Consultant, Contractor, Technical Architect

Chantler Solutions Ltd

Tom Fischer

Contractor, .NET Developer


Torsten Strauß

Consultant, Trainer, Database Developer

Torsten Strauß

Troy Hunt

Consultant, Trainer, Contractor, MVP, Technical Architect


Uwe ricken

Consultant, Trainer, Contractor, Managing Director

db Berater GmbH

Vern Rabe

Consultant, Trainer, Contractor, Technical Architect

RabeData, LLC

Wasley Portes

Business Intelligence Specialist

Ecom Trading

Wayne Sheffield

Consultant, MVP, MCM, Database Administrator, Principal Consultant

SQL Solutions Group

William Durkin

Consultant, Trainer, Contractor, Technical Architect

William Durkin IT Consulting