Friends of Redgate

Get on the inside track with new Redgate products and prototypes

The Friends of Redgate program is for influential community members, such as popular blog writers, consultants, and community site owners, as well as Microsoft Data Platform MVPs.

Our Friends have clear ideas and opinions about the technologies they work with, and know Redgate and our products.

Here's what's in the program…

…for our Friends

  • Free licenses of Redgate's tools
  • Regular speaking opportunities at events
  • Regular updates on upcoming Redgate releases
  • Become a valued network member
  • Work with our dev teams and help shape Redgate's tools

…for us

  • Honest feedback on new and existing products
  • Extra help for users in our communities
  • A larger network of experts
  • Spread the word through user groups, blogs, and conferences
  • Product reviews from respected community members

Get on the waiting list for 2019

Email, and we'll send you application details for next year.

Who are the Friends of Redgate?

Our Friends support us by helping us make our software even better for our users. They share their insights with us and they share their knowledge of Redgate tools with their networks, so even more data professional get value from our software.

Redgate wouldn’t be the same without the insights our Friends provide, and our reach wouldn’t be as broad without their recommendations.

For over 18 years, the Friends of Redgate have been a big part of our culture, and we’ve been delighted to see their support for Redgate, and to help them in every way we can.

Thanks friends

Annabel Bradford

Communities & Events Manager

A few of our Friends of Redgate

Mickey Stuewe

SmashFly Technologies

Cathrine Wilhelmsen

Cathrine Wilhelmsen Consulting

Chris Yates

Republic Bank

Troy Hunt


Alessandro Alpi

Engage IT Services

Bob Pusateri

Heraflux Technologies

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