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Redgate Support policy

This Support Policy applies to You where You have purchased certain Redgate product licenses on either: (a) a Subscription; or (b) where You have purchased perpetual licenses and have an active Support Package, and forms part of and is incorporated into Your applicable Redgate EULA.

As part of Your Subscription or Support Package You are entitled to access support for Your Redgate product licenses, which includes incident support, troubleshooting, and help with issues relating to licensing, product installation, upgrades, and configuration from Our expert support team (“Support”).


The following definitions shall apply to this Support Policy; all other capitalized terms shall have the same meaning as set out in the applicable Redgate EULA:

Case” means the issue raised by You via Email or via Our Support Portal;

Case Category” means the category of Your Case as set out in clause 2.2;

Email” means when You raise Your Case to Us by emailing:;

Our”, “Redgate”, “Us”, and “We” means Red Gate Software Limited, a company registered in England with company number 3857576 and registered office at Cavendish House, Cambridge Business Park, Cambridge CB4 0XB, England;

Receipt” means when Your Cases were received by Us from You via Email or Our Support Portal;

Redgate EULA” means either the Redgate Master Perpetual EULA or Redgate Master Subscription EULA You entered and agreed by You when purchasing the Redgate products;

Response Times” means the time within which We will aim to respond to Your Cases depending on the Case Category;

Support Portal” means the portal available to You to raise Your Cases, which can be found on Our website:; and

You” and “Your” means an organization or legal entity who has purchased the Subscription or Support Package (as applicable) for certain licensed Redgate products.

2Service Level Guidelines
2.1Availability. Our Support team is available Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) between 0900 and 0100 (GMT/BST).

Subject to clause 2.1, We are committed to maintaining certain response times for Your Support Case. Using commercially viable efforts, We aim to comply with the Response Times as set out below.

Case CategoryDefinitionTargeted Response Time
P1Critical / Catastrophic FailureSubstantial core product capabilities are non-functional for all users, or the product is unavailable or unusable. We aim to provide rollback instructions, or mitigation steps.Within 10 hours from Our Receipt of Your Case
P2High/Application Inoperable/Data CorruptedRestricted product access for one or more users, significant restrictions for all users, or an application is not working or has limited capability, significantly impacting You. Data corruption issues may require work to stop to avoid further corruption or data loss. We aim to provide rollback instructions, or mitigation steps.Within 14 hours from Our Receipt of Your Case
P3Normal/Feature not working as documentedPartial degradation of core product capabilities or substantial issues with non-core capabilities. Application issues impact You but do not prevent daily business. Reasonable workarounds are available. We aim to provide rollback instructions or mitigation steps.22 hours from Our Receipt of Your Case
P4Low/Informational QuestionProduct performing as designed, enhancement requests, low-impact bugs, operational issues, cosmetic problems with the user interface, documentation errors, or Your requests for new features or changes in existing feature functionality. We will provide a workaround and consider improvements for future releases. 36 hours from Our Receipt of Your Case
2.3We will only provide Support where Your Cases are caused directly by the use of Our products.

Our Support does not include the following:

  • assistance with customizations or integrations not explicitly supported by Our software;
  • support for Retired Software;
  • support for third party applications;
  • assistance with hardware or infrastructure unrelated to Our software;
  • system and/or performance tuning;
  • deployment and/or capacity planning;
  • assisting Your third party providers or partners;
  • database design support; and
  • demonstrations, training, or consulting services.
3Support Channels
3.1Your Subscription or Support Package (as applicable) will entitle You to raise Your Cases through either the Support Portal or Email.
3.2When raising Your Case with Us, please provide detailed information about Your Case, including relevant error messages, any steps to reproduce the problem, and applicable log files. For the avoidance of doubt prior to sharing Your log files with Us, it is Your responsibility to redact any sensitive or personal data contained within such log file.
3.3During the troubleshooting process, Our Support team may contact You via email or phone or request a remote screenshare session. We will determine the most appropriate communication method based on the nature of the Case.
4Training and Knowledge Base
4.1As part of Our commitment to customer success, We provide training resources designed to enhance Your proficiency with Our products via Redgate University.
4.2Our extensive Knowledge Base is a central hub for product information, best practices, troubleshooting guides and frequently asked questions.
4.3Both Redgate University and Our Knowledge Base are accessible 24/7.
5.1As part of Your Subscription or Support Package (as applicable), You are entitled to receive updates to the latest version of the applicable software. These updates may include bug fixes, feature enhancements and improvements. For more information please see how to check for updates:
6Support Term
6.1Unless terminated in accordance with the applicable Redgate EULA, the term of either Your Subscription or Support Package (as applicable) shall commence on the date set out on Your Redgate invoice and shall expire on: i) if You have been granted a subscription license, either: (a) Your Initial Subscription Period; or (b) Your Renewal Period, as the case may be; or ii) if You have been granted a perpetual license, either: (a) Your Initial Support Term; or (b) Your Renewal Term, as the case may be.