The real world DevOps challenges for the Technology sector

Insights from the 2021 State of Database DevOps survey

For the last five years, Redgate’s State of Database DevOps survey has revealed the changing and developing challenges and advantages of adopting DevOps and database DevOps. The responses from thousands of IT professionals, including over 3,000 respondents in the latest annual survey conducted in December 2020, have provided a clear picture of the increasing adoption of DevOps.

Alongside the trends that have emerged over the five years of the survey, the resultant report provides a snapshot of how IT professionals have reacted to industry changes over the last year. For example, the 2021 edition of the report looks at how the pandemic has affected the adoption of DevOps, as well as its impact on working practices.

This is particularly important for the Technology sector which, perhaps more than any other sector, was thrown into the spotlight by the events of 2020. This white paper provides a more detailed insight into how respondents from Technology businesses and organizations have fared on their journey to DevOps over the last 12 months. It focuses on the particular challenges they have faced, and highlights the areas they need to focus on in the coming year.

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