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Is your support contract expiring soon?

Make sure you and your products are covered by Support & Upgrades

  • Save money and minimize risk
  • Get all the support you need the moment you need it – only a phone call away
  • Take advantage of product innovations the minute they’re released – stay at the forefront of database development
  • Make the most of major platform releases – when there’s a new release, we upgrade our software to work with it.

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Redgate products come with one year of Support & Upgrades as part of the package.

By renewing each year, you ensure that you, and the tools you rely on, are always up to date with bug fixes, platform support, and new features.

If something goes wrong, you can rely on Redgate's dedicated team of Product Support Engineers for help. They're available by phone or email – whichever's easiest for you – and handle 24,000 customer enquires a year, with 95% satisfaction.

Here are five key ways Support & Upgrades lowers your total cost of ownership, brings you extra value from your tools, and keeps you ahead of the game.

Save money and minimize risk

For the duration of your Support & Upgrades package, you won't need to pay for upgrades and updates, which insures you against any price rises.

The cost of Support & Upgrades is also less than buying a new version when it comes out, so it's likely it will save you money in the long term.

Perhaps more importantly, because the pace of software development is increasing, you need to keep ahead of your competitors by making the most of every innovation.

As our software roadmaps demonstrate, we’re actively developing our software to continually deliver value and ensure our users stay current with the very latest advances on the SQL Server and Oracle platforms.

2 business hours median response time from our Product Support Team

10 bug fixes a day

Get all the support you need the moment you need it

That small issue can become a big problem if it’s not resolved quickly. That's why our dedicated Product Support Engineers offer support by email, phone, or remote session, and aim to respond within two business days.

Most queries are actually answered within two hours. If complications arise, the product development teams can also be called on to, for example, recreate the problem on our own servers and find the remedy faster.

So however large – or small – your own software development team is, you know we’re here to back you up, remove the risk from your database development process, and help you keep your business on track.

18,727 support tickets resolved in 2018

95% Customer Satisfaction for our Support Team in 2018

Take advantage of product innovations the minute they’re released

We encourage our users to adopt continuous delivery whenever possible and we practice what we preach. Our product teams typically work in two week sprints and release updates on a regular, ongoing basis.

While minor releases such as bug fixes are free, Support & Upgrades customers can access the latest major upgrades the moment they’re released.

There’s no waiting, no need to visit an external website, no requirement to fill in any forms. Simply by going to Check for updates in the help menu of your supported software, you can upgrade to the latest version, start using the new functionality immediately, and stay at the forefront of database development.

Check For Updates in SQL Compare

Make the most of major platform releases

We aim to keep our software compatible with the SQL Server and Oracle platforms we plug into and integrate with. So when there’s a new release, we upgrade our software to work with it.

SQL Compare and SQL Source Control, for example, offered full support for SQL Server 2019 as soon as it was on general availability, allowing users to access advanced functionality like SQL Graph databases immediately. Similarly, the Deployment Suite for Oracle has been optimized to make the most of Oracle Server 12c.

SQL Server, Oracle, Visual Studio

Cut down on paperwork and increase efficiency

The typical software purchase process, even for smaller companies and organizations, can be cumbersome at best. Because Support & Upgrade users automatically receive the latest upgrades when they come out, there are no delays, no forms, and no approval processes to contend with.

We send every Support & Upgrades owner an up-to-date license whenever a new version comes out and, when you do need to call on our product support team, they know immediately that you’re entitled to first class support.

Redgate Support team

Need help renewing Support & Upgrades?

To renew your Support & Upgrades package, or if your package has lapsed and you want to purchase an upgrade, get in touch - we'll be happy to help:

If you know your license key, the product you'd like to upgrade, and the number of licenses you'd like, let us know those details.

Support & Upgrades is offered with most of our software, but doesn't apply to .NET Reflector, our MySQL tools, or our free tools.

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