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The mission

To empower teams to maximize efficiency and elevate code quality.

SQL Toolbelt Essentials aims to make it easy for teams to collaborate and speed up the delivery of accurate database changes.

Includes 10 essential tools for productivity and releases:

  • SQL Prompt
  • SQL Compare
  • SQL Data Compare
  • SQL Doc
  • SQL Test
  • SQL Source Control
  • SQL Dependency Tracker
  • SQL Data Generator
  • SQL Multi Script
  • SQL Search

What's new

March 2022

SQL Compare and SQL Prompt integration

Use SQL Prompt formatting styles when viewing differences in SQL Compare.

Exclusively available in SQL Toolbelt Essentials and SQL Toolbelt.

February 2022

Command Palette introduced to SQL Prompt

Find and action SQL Prompt and SSMS functionality via a single keyboard shortcut (ALT+S).

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September 2021

Share styles and snippets via the Redgate Platform

This cloud-hosted service allows teams to share formatting styles and snippets with other users from within SQL Prompt.

Exclusively available with a SQL Toolbelt Essentials subscription.

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August 2021

Bulk actions

Apply formatting, code analysis and auto-fix of code analysis issues to multiple SQL files at once. Bulk formatting can also be run from the command line.

SQL Dependency Tracker integration

View database object dependencies from within SQL Prompt.

Exclusively available in SQL Toolbelt Essentials and SQL Toolbelt.

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What's next

In development

Query execution history

Find that thing you executed earlier that day or month, or even find that query you wrote after you accidentally closed your tab.


Creating unique team-based capabilities

Additional functionality to help you work better as a team.

Helping you find the features you love

Continuing to build on the Command Palette incorporating your feedback and adding new features.

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Further resources

SQL Prompt logo on red background

Training session

New features added to SQL Prompt

Check out this 30-minute session to see new SQL Prompt functionality in action, including the Redgate Platform, bulk actions, and integrations with SQL Compare and SQL Dependency Tracker.

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Screenshot of the article 'Exploring new SQL Prompt features in SQL Toolbelt Essentials'


Exploring new SQL Prompt features in SQL Toolbelt Essentials

Discover new SQL Prompt functionality that has been added to SQL Toolbelt Essentials and SQL Toolbelt to help teams increase their productivity, improve code quality, and make collaboration easier.

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