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The mission

To remain the worlds most popular tool to write, format, analyze and refactor your SQL effortlessly.

Standardize team-based development, improve productivity and deployment tooling and team-based services. To save time wasted on rework or resolving merge conflicts and gain more time for added value development.

What's new

SQL History

Added sort options inside SQL History

SQL History

Keep a copy of all queries that you write, along with a searchable history of each

Password breach check

Added command to the command palette to check connections password breach


SQL Server 2022 and Visual Studio 2022 support

Autofix with shortcut

Added ability to autofix using keyboard shortcut

Team sharing snippets and formatting

Added ability to share snippets and styles with others via the Redgte Platform. (SQL Toolbelt Essentials license required)

Ranked Suggestions

Write faster with ranked suggestions algorithm

What's next

In development

SQL History improvements


New and improved team-based capabilities

Integrating SQL Prompt capabilities into other Redgate tools

Further improvements to existing SQL Prompt features

Support for Azure Data Studio

Suggest a new feature

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