Learn about SQL code smells – and then test your own code and find them

Download your free copy of 119 SQL Code Smells and you’ll find every code smell we could think of in one handy reference guide.

Then find some of your own with a free 28-day trial of SQL Test.

SQL Test lets you write database unit tests in T-SQL and run them in SQL Server Management Studio. It’s simple to set up, you don’t need extra tools, and you don’t need to learn new technologies. And because SQL Cop is built in, it will even test for common smells using five pre-written tests.

1. Free eBook: 119 SQL Code Smells

Learn to spot the warning signs in your code

  • Discover 119 common SQL code smells
  • Understand why they’re smells and the problems they may cause
  • Keep it as a handy reference guide
  • Share it with colleagues whose code isn’t as fragrant as it should be

2. Free trial

Write and run unit tests quickly with SQL Test

SQL Test
  • Write tests in regular T-SQL without changing your database
  • Run as many tests as you want with one click
  • Test objects in isolation without adding extra data for IDs or foreign keys
  • Automatically identify common code smells with SQL Cop

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