I'm Jeremiah Peschka. I like waffles. Thanks to Red Gate I have more time to eat waffles.

Jeremiah Peschka, www.brentozar.com

I'm a busy person. I get a lot done in a day. One of my secrets is using SQL Prompt. It reduces hours of coding to minutes; minutes to seconds. I would recommend it to anyone that writes SQL.

Jes Borland, Consultant, Brent Ozar PLF

SQL Prompt is an amazing tool that will take your SQL development to the next level. I was always a little "text file purist" in my development. I hand-coded everything without help so I was a bit skeptical of this tool. However, when I started using it I was amazed at how much faster I could work.

Timothy Corey, Director of IT, Baptist Bible College

I love SQL Prompt - and version 5 is better than ever! Great stuff.

Marc Scheuner

I like how refactoring has been simplified/consolidated down to a single product, and of course SQLPrompt is part of my essentials

Kendal Van Dyke, Senior DBA, Channel Intelligence Inc.

I use SQL Toolbelt for upwards of 70 percent of my DBA work, including but not limited to... optimizing T-SQL code and the database itself with SQL Prompt.

John Trumbul, senior software engineer, LumiData. Read the full case study.

My other favourite Red Gate tool is SQL Prompt. In dealing with large, complex database systems, it is simply not possible to remember the names of all the tables, columns, stored procedures or relationships. SQL Prompt provides IntelliSense-style prompting of objects, automatic JOIN condition completion, and automatic scripting for common areas such as SELECT and INSERT statements. It saves huge amounts of time, boosts productivity, enforces common layout and coding standards, and means I can focus fully on the task in hand, while letting the syntax and code take care of themselves. Short cut keys for favourite statements are invaluable, and the fully customizable nature of the tool means you can easily change it to suit your own specific coding preferences and best practices.

Jerry Pett, Director, Burnt Orange Designs

SQL Prompt is hands-down one of the coolest applications I've used. Makes querying/developing SO much easier and faster. THANK YOU!

Jorge Segarra, University Community Hospital

SQL Prompt is a quality product that has become an essential tool that our Company benefits from every day - it integrates seamlessly into SQL Server Management Studio and provides a significant productivity boost. In our opinion, SQL Prompt would be a useful addition to the toolkit of anyone who uses SQL Server Management Studio.

Robert Bradshaw, IT Developer, The New Zealand Refining Company Limited

What can I say, the prompts for Join predicates has made me turn off intellisense in 2k8 and use SQL prompt instead.

Chad Hattabaugh, Database Administrator

With over 2000 objects in one database alone, SQL Prompt is a lifesaver! Sure, with a few mouse clicks I can get to the column or stored procedure name I am looking for but with SQL Prompt it is always right in front of me. SQL Prompt is easy to install, fast and easy to use. I hate to think of working without it!

Michael Weiss, VP Information Technology, LTCPCMS, Inc.

SQL Prompt is one of the indispensable tools in my daily programming life. I work on a large database with over 1000 tables, hundreds of stored procedures, and tens of user functions. My peers always point and drool when they see intelli-sense in SQL Management Studio, and I find myself cutting through my work like a hot knife through butter. I never worry about finding a database object, or using it when I do. SQL Prompt has proved its value quickly, and become one of development the tools I just can't live without. Their sales and support team is a joy to work with. Red Gate is a company that has their business model nailed. Make great tools and employ great people who are excited about what their company is doing. I completely endorse SQL Prompt to anyone considering enhancing their SQL Server experience.

Jeremy Simmons

I am in love with SQL Prompt 4.0.


SQL Prompt has already helped us at Tri Wire build scripts and dig into tables quicker and easier with the intelligent prompting. This tool was extremely beneficial to us when someone new came on board. It was easier to find the tables and fields without having to go through the entire schema and keep db docs up to date for reference. Overall this tool Rocks!

Steve Sylvanowicz, Tri Wire

As one of the millions of SMEs we need to be 'fleet of foot', SQL Prompt helps us deliver. I genuinely value the product, it makes life easier. Productivity is up and because of the increased exposure, efficiency is rapidly improving too. SQL Prompt pulls more than its own weight. Value for money - unquestionably!

Andrew Tatton, Fresh Insurance

I've used SQL Prompt for over a year and I can definitely recommend it.

Travis Jones, Arvest

This morning I installed SQL Prompt 4 and the first thought is that SQL Prompt 4 is very very fast. The performance of this release is superlative.

Andrea Dottor, MVP

Must confess, I uncharacteristically updated as soon as you released it. After demonstrating it on-site to a client I couldn't help but notice the improved performance.

Tom Fischer

Just a quick note to let you know that I absolutely love SQL Prompt 4.You guys really hit the ball out of the park with this one! I used to find Prompt actually getting in my way more than it helped - but that's gone now. It rocks!

Michael Garstin

We use SQL Prompt to format all of our custom stored procedures / views to the same style of formatting. This facilitates the readability of all our custom code no matter the origin. The auto prompting is an added bonus to assist in the 'auto completion' of any Transact SQL statements.

John Hunter, MBS Certified Master

When the trial of SQL Prompt ended, life became boring with SQL Management Studio. So we had to buy immediately :-)

Olaf Monien, Chief Technology Evangelist, JEKO AG

I was really impressed about the SQL Prompt trial version that I've tested; I'll recommend it to all my SQL related friends and companies

Vlad Ioan Costea, IT Engineer

SQL Prompt is brilliant! We also have an older version of both SQL Data Compare and SQL Compare that have saved us many, many hours of drudgery.

Ira Collins, QA Engineer, OCS

The new SQL Prompt is better than MS's SQL Server 2008 Intellisense. It works better. It's more accurate in what it does. I tried using Intellisense, but I missed the functionality I had with SQL Prompt.

Grant Fritchey, FM Global

Certainly, I had a positive experience with SQL Prompt. It was increase my productivity and saved a lot of typing

Marco Alexandre Lázaro, BuscaPé

I am a consultant who specializes in backend systems. I normally spend about 50% of my day in SQL Server Management Studio. Since I started using SQL Prompt, I am at least 30% more productive. Even my clients are starting to notice. I honestly cannot comprehend how I managed to write Transact-SQL prior to this tool.


I use SQL Prompt whenever I write any SQL, simple or complex, because it's such a powerful programming aid. I no longer have to constantly look up or memorize obscure object names and SQL commands – instead, I can just browse for them. Of course, it also saves lots of keystrokes.

Brian Finkel, Advanced Solutions Group

We're used to the 'auto-documentation' feature of VS2005, where you create XML comments once and then benefit from these again and again. SQL Prompt has evolved to provide this same auto-documentation functionality for SQL. It's about freeing the mind from being a database repository and instead concentrating on problem-solving and solution-providing.

Dr Michael Dye, Dyetech

I laughed. I cried. I laughed at how much time SQL Prompt saved me. I cried at so many hours I wasted over the years. Simply, I love SQL Prompt.

I'm a data management consultant in the mining industry with over 10 years of varied development experience. I spend 8–12 hours per day writing T-SQL and designing database solutions for our clients. I had an 8-day project during the trial period of SQL Prompt and the usual project constraints applied. Plus it was in Indonesia so there were language barriers to contend with as well.

Having the database objects and error messages in Bahasa Indonesian didn't help either. SQL Prompt saved me, easily, 6–8 hours of typing (1 hour per day!) and that included the time it took to ramp up and tweak it to my needs allowing me to deliver additional requirements ahead of the project schedule.

The scripts were much quicker to write, formatting was excellent and the quality was greatly improved as well. The quality was improved because I had the extra time to add those things we know we should but often neglect. For example, I made a snippet called 'hdr' which I used to insert standard comment header's into each trigger, proc, function etc. Now each of them is well documented and easier for other people to support.

During a Project review with my team they couldn't believe the amount of work (and the quality) that was done in that short time period. I've saved so much time that I've even had a chance to respond to a feedback request! I'm now out of the trial period and it is like returning to the stone age or like typing with just one hand. I love the analysis, logic and troubleshooting aspect of what I do – not typing.

Lynton Mack, Micromine

I am amazed that these types of tools are not available more in other vendors' products. SQL PROMPT IS A WINNER!! Being used to the customizable IntelliSense of Visual FoxPro, finding a similar tool for SQL server is a GREAT experience. The two products, VFP and SQL Server, already make a winning team, adding IntelliSense to SQL Server makes it an unbeatable team.

Boudewijn Lutgerink, Software Architect, Lutgerink Economisch

In summary, I'm very impressed. I won't be uninstalling this one. SQL Prompt 3 is well worth a measly $195 of your boss's budget.

Jamie Thomson, Senior Technical Consultant, Conchango Plc

I am very impressed with your tool. It not only gives ease of programming, but reduces the number of things about my database schema that I keep in my head and enables fast programming. Hats off to your team.

Abdul Khadar, Software Engineer, Sutherland Global Services

Because of my analyst/developer role in a small development team, I use SQL Studio Management Studio pretty much on a daily basis. I cannot begin to imagine how much time SQL Prompt has saved. And there has not been a case where I have been doing something in SQL and have not found it useful.

Whenever I am assisting one of our developers and they don't have it installed, it is my first recommendation, and I liken not having SQL Prompt installed to them writing their applications in Notepad. Once they see it in action, they are pretty much hooked.

Version 3 is a big improvement over version 2 and I am excited to see what version 3.1 has to offer.

Chris Wallace, Analyst/Developer, GEOSIGN Corporation

This is a must-have tool for all T-SQL developers.

Brian Brewder, Brian Online

For a spoiled person like myself, who will look for 'IntelliSense' even to code a batch file of three lines for, this tool is a real gift!

Sohail Iqbal, Screenshot
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