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We are constantly investigating topics to see how SQL Prompt can work even better for you. We regularly carry out research with our customers to discuss ideas. If you’d like to get involved with what we are working on next visit our UserVoice page or get in touch.

New code analysis

In SQL Prompt 9 we have added brand new code analysis features which provides fast and comprehensive analysis of T-SQL code in SSMS and Visual Studio.

Find out how code analysis can help you avoid T-SQL technical debt.

View a whole list of code issues detected in a SQL script – perform code reviews or analyse a legacy code base (available in SQL Prompt 9.2 or later)

View a list of code issues from a script or a codebase

Find out how to improve legacy code using SQL Prompt code analysis

Choose from a large selection of analysis rules and manage which ones are displayed.

Code issue details

Share them with your team by saving them in a shared drive or a source control folder (available in SQL Prompt 9.1 or later). A shared set of code analysis rules that you run automatically, during development and testing work, will help minimize technical debt, and drive down maintenance costs.

Find out how you can drive up database coding standards using SQL Prompt

Discover over 90 code issues and hidden pitfalls as-you-type

Code Analysis as you type

Get clear explanations and suggestions to improve your code

Code issue details

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What's coming next?

Check out the SQL Prompt roadmap for details of what's coming next.