Code analysis

SQL Prompt 9 includes brand new code analysis features, providing fast and comprehensive analysis of T-SQL code in SSMS and Visual Studio.

Have your code checked against a chosen list of pre-set rules. Just like with formatting, these settings can be exported and shared across a team to ensure consistency and standardize code writing.

  • SQL Prompt can now check your code for potential issues. These will be highlighted as you type or can be viewed in a separate plane, showing a list of all issues and their location. Allowing for faster analysis and improvements to pre-existing or legacy code.
  • Issues will come with clear explanations for why they were brought up and how to fix them. Further links to online resources, including our in-depth product learning articles, mean even experienced developers might pick up a thing or two.
  • Auto-fixes for selected rules allow you to quickly fix common issues.


Refactoring has been updated, to make the process faster and clearer.

  • Refactor INSERT to UPDATE statements with a couple of clicks. Reducing tedious grunt work, especially when dealing with multiple large tables.
  • When reformatting and refactoring, you will now be clearly notified what actions succeeded, failed, or were skipped, allowing you to quickly review and solve any outstanding issues.

Other changes

Other changes and quality of life improvements have also been made including:

  • New auto completions for query hints.
  • A search box for your snippet manager to save time finding the one you want.
  • Cycle between snippet placeholders to quickly insert values.

Read the full release notes and feature descriptions here.