Compare Oracle tables and deploy differences

See differences in records side-by-side and script up changes

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Introduction to Data Compare for Oracle

Database diff tool for Oracle table data

  • Save time comparing and synchronizing data
  • Copy lookup data from development databases to staging or production
  • Troubleshoot and resolve errors caused by differences in data
  • Generate SQL scripts to update one database with the contents of another
  • Command line automation
  • Run Data Compare for Oracle on your build server for continuous integration from the command line (with the Deployment Suite for Oracle)

Pricing information

$495 Licensed per user


Volume discounts of up to 20% apply

Key features

Compare and sync table data

Compare data in tables across schemas and see differences. Drill down through individual records or group them together. Create error-free SQL deployment scripts to deploy data changes between your environments.

The differences between rows are highlited and you can view the data for each table you are comparing
Screenshot: Command line options.

Work with the command line

Carry out any task using the command line tool. Automate scheduled tasks like comparisons and deployments for continuous integration, with the Deployment Suite for Oracle.

Part of the Deployment Suite

Speed up database comparison and deployment tasks, and include Oracle databases in your DevOps processes, with the Deployment Suite for Oracle.

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Screenshot tour

Highlighted differences between rows

Differences between rows are highlighted and you can view the data for each table you're comparing

Emphasis on rows with differences

Scroll through each difference and each record with a difference with increased visibility

Pivoting comparison results

The pivot view rotates the data so that you can view the values for a record as a group, displayed vertically

Selecting what data to deploy

Use Data Compare for Oracle to deploy table data changes

Generating a deployment script

Create a deployment script to run manually, or have Data Compare for Oracle run the script for you

What our customers are saying

“With Data Compare for Oracle, we can easily compare the data in two different database builds and generate the synchronization script. It's going to save at least an hour of development time each week – and stop me going grey so quickly!”

David Hart, Senior Application Developer, T2 Systems