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The mission

To give an estate-wide overview of your SQL Servers, regardless of size or location, with fast deep-dive analysis to diagnose and resolve issues.

To remain the world’s most popular tool for monitoring your SQL Server estate. Providing instant problem diagnosis, intelligent and customizable altering, and a single pane of glass that keeps pace with your growth.

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What's new


New API functionality

You can now fine-tune your alerting through PowerShell. You can generate authentication tokens from within SQL Monitor and there are a range of example scripts available to help get you started.


Server permissions

A new section on the server overview screen shows you who in your organization has access to that server at each access level. You can get a summary count of users at each level, and then drill down to see details.


Estate Management

Estate management lets you monitor your estate across four new views: Installed Versions, Disk Usage, Backups, and SQL Agent Jobs. Found under the Estate tab, each provides a new way to track important metrics across large or growing estates without eating away at your time or the quality of your monitoring. Read more.


Azure SQL Database support

With full support for Azure SQL Databases, Microsoft's DBPaaS (Platform as a Service) solution, SQL Monitor comes with 14 new alerts and 36 new metrics for Azure SQL Databases out of the box, alongside custom metrics support for your more specific needs. Read more.

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What's next

In development

Improved alert suppression

Set up filters within alert settings to determine which alerts will or won’t be raised during maintenance windows.

Support for IT Service Management (ITSM) systems

Integrate and manage SQL Monitor alerts with your preferred ticket management system using webhooks.

Improvements to performance diagnostics

Wait information
The history of waits will be visualized in a graph that displays the time waits occurred, how long the wait was, and what the type of wait it is.

Dedicated metrics specific to servers hosted on VMWare displayed on the overview page.

Memory information
Dive into memory usage information and see what is impacting performance from the server overview page.

Annotate server overview graphs

Use our API and PowerShell to create custom annotations on the server overview graphs to help see what's impacted performance.

Support for WinRM

Choose to connect using WinRM to reduce ports required and improve security.

New support menu

Access training, community, support and documentation right in SQL Monitor with a new support menu.

New alerts for auditing and Clusters Shared Volumes

Brand new alerts to help you with auditing requests and performance of CSVs.

Alert summary report

Schedule a regular summary report of your alerts at intervals defined by you.


Alert-triggered actions

Allow common alerts to automatically take action to fix problems, rather than wait for them to be fixed manually.

Improved instance-level support

Dedicated monitoring with metrics specific to Azure Managed Instances, Amazon RDS, SQL Server on Linux and more.

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