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The latest version of SQL Monitor is v7.1

SQL Monitor 7 focuses on reporting. We have created a new reporting module that helps you instantly generate accurate, informative reports on the performance of your SQL Servers.

SQL Server estate summary

When you first click on the reporting tab, by default you are presented with an example report that covers you entire SQL Server estate for the last 7 days.

It includes the following metrics:

  • Instances with lowest uptime
    Shows the top five SQL Server instances with lowest uptime across your estate

  • Fastest filling disks
    Shows the top five logical disks across your estate that are most likely to run out of space and gives an estimate of when they might run out of space.

  • Longest running queries
    Shows the queries using most CPU worker time across your estate and how long their cumulative run time is

  • Alert summary
    This shows a breakdown of the SQL Monitor alerts raised by severity (High, Medium and Low) for the current period and how they have changed compared to the previous period. It also shows the top alert types raised.

  • Server waits by day Shows SQL Server waits for the top five SQL Servers with the highest cumulative waits over the report period.

Walkthrough of the new reporting module

SQL Server estate-wide metrics in SQL Monitor

Estate-wide metrics within SQL Monitor

The duration of the reporting period and its end time can all be changed within the interface. You have the ability to change the size of each element and its position within the report and each report can also be exported as a PDF.

Server metrics

While the summary metrics provide a wealth of useful information we recognised that they don’t contain everything you might need to report on. The second part of the reporting module allows you to build a custom report based on the metrics available in the SQL Monitor Analysis page. Machine metrics, SQL Server Metrics, Database Metrics, Availability Group metrics and any Custom Metrics you have created can all be turned into a tile on your custom report.

SQL Server individual server metrics

Individual server metrics within SQL Monitor

Scheduling reports

Each report you create can be scheduled to run at a time determined by you and then sent out as a PDF via email. You can send the reports to yourself, your team, your boss, your clients or anyone else.

Report set-up and email scheduling

Report sent as a PDF

SQL Monitor V7 gives you the flexibility to instantly produce professional reports that provide you the data and insight you need to make better decisions.

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