Case study

Keeping F1 teams in pole position


One of the most successful Formula 1 racing teams in history


Ensuring server performance is optimized for live data during races


A robust monitoring solution that will immediately flag issues


Successful implementation of SQL Monitor to manage live trackside servers

The customer

One of the most successful Formula 1 teams in history use 100s of sensors on their cars to track live performance data during races.

Each car sends data to trackside SQL Servers, which follow the team around the world to each race and relay the stats back to the team headquarters.

With over 180 victories and more than 475 podium finishes to their name, this team relies on fast and accurate data to ensure success.

100 servers 200+ sensors 475+ podium finishes

The challenge

Keeping track of 100s of data points as a car hurtles around a track at 200mph is a tough job. For this successful Formula 1 team, they rely on trackside SQL Servers to relay the live data from their cars, such as speed, temperature, and G-force, back to the team’s headquarters.

Here analysts examine the data and make recommendations that can change the outcome of the race.

For this to run smoothly, the people responsible for the SQL Servers and databases need to ensure consistent availability, performance, and data replication for the duration of a race.

Until recently, this team relied on manual scripts alongside Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to keep on top of server performance.

However, this was proving a time-consuming task, and risked missing crucial issues on the large estate, so a monitoring solution was sought.

The solution

By implementing Redgate’s SQL Monitor across the whole estate the DBA team can successfully manage all their trackside SQL Servers from a central dashboard.

Any potential issues are flagged instantly, and the DBAs can relay that information to the race team and take proactive action to avoid any downtime.

Being web-based, the team can easily see the state of their servers on any screen, and immediately share that information with the wider organization.

The results

Full SQL Server monitoring of the F1 team’s trackside servers on a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

Drastically reduced time spent manually monitoring using scripts.

Helped the team win more championships by ensuring consistent server availability during races.


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