The Complete Guide to SQL Server Backup and Restore

Download your free copy of SQL Server Backup and Restore. With the tools, scripts, and techniques in this free eBook, you will be prepared to respond quickly and efficiently to disaster, whether it's disk failure, database corruption, or accidental data deletion.

The book includes a chapter of examples using SQL Backup Pro to easily set-up compressed, encrypted, fully verified backups, so pick up your free trial of SQL Backup Pro to work through the book as you read.

Free eBook: SQL Server Backup & Restore

Free eBook: SQL Server Backup and Restore

Learn how to respond to server disaster

SQL Server Backup and Restore
  • Discover how to set-up a reliable, tested, SQL Server backup and restore plan
  • Get tips for recovering your data with minimum downtime
  • Learn how to minimize data loss when disaster strikes

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