Compress, verify, and encrypt SQL Server backups

Fully verified SQL Server backups you can rely on

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Introduction to SQL Backup Pro

6 ways SQL Backup Pro simplifies backups

  • Speed

    Step-by-step wizards and a centralized GUI take the legwork out of creating, restoring, and verifying your backups

  • Automation

    Automate backups, backup verification, restores, and log shipping

  • Network resilience

    Protect against backups failing due to network outages

  • 95% compression

    Save storage space, speed up network file transfer, and get up to 95% backup compression - higher than native SQL Server

  • Security

    Secure your backups with 256-bit AES encryption

  • Verification

    Let backups verify themselves. Schedule regular restores that also run the gold-standard database integrity check: DBCC CHECKDB

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Backup, restore, and verify

Backup, restore, and verify – the three main features of any good backup strategy – are simple with SQL Backup Pro.

It takes fast, small, secure SQL Server database backups, based on whatever schedule you set.

Once you've made your backups, it can check they're free from corruption with optional CHECKSUM and RESTORE VERIFYONLY steps.

With the Schedule Restore Jobs wizard, you can also set up automatic verification with the gold-standard integrity check, DBCC CHECKDB, for complete confidence that your backup is error-free.

With automated backup verification, you'll gain peace of mind, and save time, hassle, and money.


  • Up to 95% smaller backups
  • 256- and 128-bit AES encryption
  • User-friendly GUI for the centralized management of backup and restore activities
  • Set up regular backup verification with scheduled restores
  • Timeline Monitoring in the GUI for visualization of activities at a glance
  • Integrates with SQL Server Agent to schedule database backup and restore jobs
  • Include DBCC CHECKDB in a scheduled restore job
  • View results of DBCC CHECKDB, CHECKSUM, and RESTORE VERIFYONLY from the Activity History
  • Context-sensitive help file and hints embedded in the GUI
  • Command-line interface, so you can run your backup and restore operations in script and batch files
  • Multiple compression levels available
  • Network resilience for fault-tolerant backup transfer, including automatic resuming of interrupted transfers
  • Scriptable support for network resilience for restores
  • Cluster-aware installation mechanism with cluster support
  • Email notification of backup and restore activities
  • Enterprise and server level reports
  • Automatically kill existing connections before restoring to prevent failure of the operation
  • Automatically check for orphaned users, and receive a list of those affected
  • Skip initialization of the database for log shipping
  • Access and manage all SQL Server backups remotely, from a central, client-based GUI
  • 'Self-healing' log shipping queues the transfer of transaction log backups, if it is interrupted, and restores in the correct order

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