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I really do love your tool-set. Honestly, it's the only 3rd party tools that I use outside of Microsoft. When I work for a client, I consider it to be a requirement that they have those tools available if I am doing heavy database or programming work.

Nathan Blevins, Asp.Net Insider

Redgate's tools are generally considered to be the gold standard. SQL Compare is fast, extremely easy to use - Redgate pays a huge amount of attention to its UIs - full-featured and affordable. I wouldn't bother messing around with anything else.

Adam Machanic, SQL Server MVP

Having used SQL Server since version 6.0, back in the 90's, I recently purchased the Redgate SQL Toolbelt. As a real world developer / administrator, I am absolutely shocked at how good this product it. They think of everything. I never thought I would care too much about improving the process of performing a backup and restore, but even that simple task is so much easier with SQL Backup. Ship to the network is a beauty, I spent days previously with batch files to achieve this.

SQL Prompt would have saved me thousands of hours, and the auto format is really slick. When you use this for a week, you will never, ever do without it again. Just type "SSF" and you have "Select * from " and there are loads more snippets like this.

In the last few days, I am working on a project where I have a large database that I am trying to merge with another large database, I was able to achieve it with SQL Compare and then with SQL Data compare. I cannot imagine how I would have done it without these tools.

I postponed buying this for so long, but I do not regret it. If you make money with SQL Server, and you have a car and do not have the SQL Toolbelt, sell your car and buy this product, you will go further, faster with this.

Mark Breen, Margin Business Solutions Ltd

All the Redgate products I used are a delight – SQL Bundle and ANTS Profiler. Simple to use, powerful, fast – awesome. I told some of our DBAs that they MUST use your products. If you are a DBA and reading this testimonial, and if you don't use Redgate's software, trust me! You should. I have never written a testimonial before, but I felt compelled to do so in this case. I cannot stress strongly enough how wonderful this company's tools are. THANK YOU!

Doron Grinstein, Technical Director, Information Technology, Walt Disney Studios

With over 2000 objects in one database alone, SQL Prompt is a lifesaver! Sure, with a few mouse clicks I can get to the column or stored procedure name I am looking for but with SQL Prompt it is always right in front of me. SQL Prompt is easy to install, fast and easy to use. I hate to think of working without it!

Michael Weiss, VP Information Technology, LTCPCMS, Inc

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SQL Prompt is one of the indispensable tools in my daily programming life. I work on a large database with over 1000 tables, hundreds of stored procedures, and tens of user functions. My peers always point and drool when they see intelli-sense in SQL Management Studio, and I find myself cutting through my work like a hot knife through butter. I never worry about finding a database object, or using it when I do. SQL Prompt has proved its value quickly, and become one of development the tools I just can't live without. Their sales and support team is a joy to work with. Redgate is a company that has their business model nailed. Make great tools and employ great people who are excited about what their company is doing. I completely endorse SQL Prompt to anyone considering enhancing their SQL Server experience.

Jeremy Simmons

SQL Prompt has already helped us at Tri Wire build scripts and dig into tables quicker and easier with the intelligent prompting. This tool was extremely beneficial to us when someone new came on board. It was easier to find the tables and fields without having to go through the entire schema and keep db docs up to date for reference. Overall this tool Rocks!

Steve Sylvanowicz, Tri Wire

As one of the millions of SMEs we need to be 'fleet of foot', SQL Prompt helps us deliver. I genuinely value the product, it makes life easier. Productivity is up and because of the increased exposure, efficiency is rapidly improving too. SQL Prompt pulls more than its own weight. Value for money - unquestionably!

Andrew Tatton, Fresh Insurance

We use SQL Compare to compare objects (such as views, tables, triggers and stored procedures) in our Application Databases to ensure that they are exactly the same. We also use the tools when setting up new Application Databases in SL to copy all the custom / changed objects to the new database. This saves hours of work and we are absolutely certain that no object get overlooked. We also use this utility to compare our database to baseline (unaltered / unmodified) SL database to document all modifications. This is very useful when producing documentation and a set of scripts for the custom objects.

Overall, we have found the tools to be invaluable. They saved many days of tedious work in making sure that all of our SL Application Databases had exactly the same objects and there were no differences in the code.

John Hunter, MBS Certified Master

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the new Redgate Memory Profiler. I've been using your product on and off for a few years now at my last two places of employment, and was blown away by the new version.

Bryan Murphy, Senior Engineer, Mediafly, Inc.

I don't know how I ever developed enterprise software without the ANTS profilers. They have saved me weeks of effort and paid for themselves many times over. Fantastic products!

Gerhard du Toit, KIT Limited

I didn't need your help getting started with ANTS because the short introductory notes got me straight into it. I found the performance bottleneck I was looking for in about 5 minutes. ANTS Performance Profiler has been one of the best developer tools I've used in years. The performance and the user experience stand out.

Bruce Belson, Director, Planatech Solutions Ltd

The number one rule of profiling: the bottleneck is NEVER where you thought it was.

Jeremy Jarrell, Software Developer, Matrix Solutions

I was expecting an arduous experience, because every profiler I've ever used had been pretty user-unfriendly. I was blown away by the interface and by the quality of information I was able to discover. I've since recommended it to a lot of friends. This is an excellent program, even by Redgate standards!

Jon Galloway, Herding Code

I have used the tool for the optimization of a program to simulate production processes. Performance gain 95% (each run with over 40 billion simulated pieces of product, the optimization saved hours of run time).

Dr. Jan-Peter Spengler, Head of Quality Assurance (Pharma)

ANTS Performance Profiler was an answer to our prayers. We were developing a high-performance "comet" library for IIS, but the throughput was nowhere near where we wanted it to be. The profiler gave us the insight necessary to locate bottlenecks, trim fatty code, and turn our application into a well-oiled machine.

We wrote our own custom JSON parser to replace the third-party library whose performance was not up to par. Many potential threading enhancements were discovered and implemented. Details on HTTP request and response times showed us where to improve near our application boundaries. All in all, we went from 5000 messages a second to well over 25000 in our test.

We tried several performance profilers, and ANTS was the only one that gave us the level of detail and accuracy we needed to get serious results.

Anton Jerod Venema, Frozen Mountain Software

ANTS Performance Profiler allowed us to precisely identify critical bottlenecks in our system, that has resulted in an absolutely staggering performance increase! As an example c# object validation code that previously took 4 seconds now takes 0.02 secs. Thats a 200 fold increase :)

800 dollars is really a small price to pay and gave us a big ROI. Thank you Redgate!

Allan Rasmussen, Technical Software Engineering

We use SQL Prompt to format all of our custom stored procedures / views to the same style of formatting. This facilitates the readability of all our custom code no matter the origin. The auto prompting is an added bonus to assist in the 'auto completion' of any Transact SQL statements.

John Hunter, MBS Certified Master

ANTS Profiler took me down to which methods and which lines were taking the time. We now get through the full 9 million rows in 2-3 days - at least 5 times faster!

Ryan Garaygay, LWSMedia

In my personal and professional opinion, SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare are absolutely essential for any SQL database administrator, developer, or architect, regardless of their level of experience. In a world dominated by ERP solutions and 3rd party SQL-based applications, it's frequently difficult to figure out what's happening behind the scenes. Redgate tools lift the veil of mystery, enabling IT professionals to determine exactly how data and structure has changed. When I upgrade our ERP this summer, I'm not willing to bet my career and reputation that data was converted correctly. But I'm also not eager to spend countless days and weeks verifying this manually. SQL Compare and Data Compare will transform days into minutes, weeks into hours. And I'll have confidence that my business data is both accurate, and in the right place. Add in the bonus of comparing and synchronizing Development, Test, and Live environments, and you've got a recipe for success for years to come.

Brian Pond, IT Manager, Border Construction

I raised an issue with Redgate regarding functionality in their SQL Compare product... a couple of months later I received an email saying that the items identified had been rewritten. The new version was better than I expected, once again showing this product to be best-in-class. In short both the product and its authors, Redgate, are exceptional in their field

Abbas Ali, SQL Server DBA

I've been a SQL DBA for about as long as there has been SQL. I really appreciate so many things about Redgate... The tools are top notch. I use at least one every single day. The pricing is very reasonable, and - best of all - is the customer support. I get quick answers to all my questions from a knowledgeable and professional staff member. Such a departure from the industry as a whole. I'll be a customer for quite a long time.

Steve Gray MCDBA, Vice President, 4Penny.net

Just wanted to take a quick minute to let you know how much myself and my developers at GovPartner appreciate your SQL Server Tools. At GovPartner we build web-based software for cities to manage their Building, Engineering, Planning, and Code Enforcement projects. We have clients all over the US and just recently went live with our software over in the middle east for the city of Abu Dhabi. Through our various versions for client and hosted application deployments we could not have done it without your tools, specifically the SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare products. We can create SQL deployment scripts extremely fast and have them ready for a release within minutes of the build being generated. We use Data Compare to sync any system configuration changes, and then we are pretty much ready to go. Your software is in a word 'awesome'. Keep up the great work!

Jon Howes, CTO, GovPartner

You guys have great software. I am an Oracle DBA and fairly new to SQL Server, and the monitoring in SQL Response is excellent. We had a developer accidentally drop a database in development today and SQL Response caught it.

Mike Towery, VP of Operations, KnightWorks Consulting, Inc.

I purchased ANTS Profiler as I knew I had a memory leak in my code and I could see this with Task Scheduler. It would have taken me weeks to find the cause but 2 hours after installing ANTS Profiler the problem was solved, it paid itself off on the first day I used it.

Graeme Elliott, Lead Architect, Spirit Software Solutions

Redgate provides tools for professionals that just make life easier. If you are a DBA or someone who spends time on, in, or around databases, here are just the tools for you.

Simple, lightweight, yet powerful applications that can help you manage backups and restores; tools to document, to compare and to easily write code, queries and reports, while saving countless hours at the same time. SQL Response, for example, enables you to monitor, get alerted and respond to SQL problems before they start, in an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly and visually precise way, with drill-down detail where you need it most.

I am not a DBA, but with these tools I am as good as any out there.

H John B Manderson, President and Principle Consultant, Wireless Ventures Ltd.

ANTS Profiler saved me half a day's work already after looking in the wrong place for a method that was causing my app to slow down terribly!

Stefan Perkins, Development Analyst, Mitrefinch LTD

The interactive timeline gives you an immediate picture of what's going on.

Brannon King, Autonomous Solutions Inc

I can interact with it while it's still profiling and start investigating performance data pretty much straight away.

Paul Usher, Lead Developer, Impact Homes Pty Ltd

With most profiling software, my application runs so slowly that it's barely usable but, with ANTS Profiler 4, even when it's collecting line-level timings, the overhead was hardly noticeable.

Geoff Hirst, Consultant, 64Bitz Computer Consultancy Ltd and VBUG editor

The low overhead means it has minimal impact on the execution of my program.

Mark Everest, Development Team Leader, Renault F1 Team Ltd

Our overall experience with Redgate's SQL Backup software has been extremely positive. Since the software had been used by our former datacenter provider to manage all our SQL Server backups and restores, it was the logical choice for us to use for our migration to a new datacenter as well. We were easily able to set up the software, point it at our previous backups, and then restore them to the new location without any loss of business continuity. Completing the restores, configuring mail notifications and configuring new backups was done in a much more user-friendly and straightforward way compared to the internal SQL Server functionality that is geared towards a DBA. With Redgate's SQL Backup, any system admin can manage the backup and restores. I highly recommend SQL Backup as a very user-friendly tool that eliminates some of the complexity usually associated with these types of database operations. I also highly recommend the software for use during server-to-server or datacenter-to-datacenter migration because of the ease of use and flexibility.

Davin A. Mehrbani, Senior Infrastructure Architect, RiverStar Software

SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare are the best purchases we've made in the .NET/SQL environment. They've saved us hours of development time and the fast, easy-to-use database comparison gives us maximum confidence that our migration scripts are correct. We rely on these products for every deployment.

Paul Tebbutt, Technical Lead, Universal Music Group

Going on my seventh year as a development manager for .NET teams, I've been using ANTS Profiler since its 1.0 release and it has time and again proven to be absolutely indispensable for any .NET developer. ANTS Profiler 4.0 marks the best release yet, with unparalleled usability and the most in-depth profiling capability of any system on the market. No production .NET software should ever be released without being reviewed in ANTS Profiler - it's just that good.

Really, I love it. You guys have done great work and without it I wouldn't even have known who you were.

Matt Lavallee, Director of Technology, MLS Property Information Network, Inc.

I was using ANTS Profiler to profile an app of ours and it was a real joy to use. The new UI goes well beyond intuitive and does all of the hard work for me!

Brian Genisio, Sr. Software Engineer, Ann Arbor MI

ANTS Profiler delves right into the code and identifies laggy and non-optimal sections so you can easily find them and write them better.  We've been using IQueryable a lot lately, being the hottest new thing on the LINQ scene, but it was creating some major hold ups on our busier sites.  In less than an hour, using the ANTS Profiler cut request times down by as much as 80% in some extreme cases. We just kept re-analysing the code until everything was satisfactory.  What an eye-opener!

Timothy Hustler, Web Developer, Creative Jar Ltd

I discovered SQL Backup when attempting to consolidate the backups for our 25 SQL servers. Using Microsoft's native backup, we were barely able to squeeze 14 days of backups on disk. This presented a problem when we needed to do a data discovery project. The files were backed up to tape and only the month-end tapes were available. This resulted in two weeks of missing data for each month of the analysis.

Using SQL Backup Pro, I was immediately able to expand the on disk availability to 45 days, which provided adequate overlap for our monthly backups on tape, not to mention the tremendous time savings, and the ability for the agent to automatically notify an administrator of backup failures.

Since then, we have begun using the mirror option, with all files copied to a central server. Currently, I am working to extend the on-disk retention to 90 days with no increase in required disk space, but just changing the schedules of some of the larger backup jobs.

We have been using SQL Backup for over two years now. I have been highly impressed with the organization's support team, as all my questions were either already answered on the online forum, or quickly handled by a representative.

Jeffrey Fogel, Network Administrator, Seminole County Government

When I was first introduced to Redgate Software by an outside consultant about three years ago, my organization had approximately 150+ databases that we were backing up three times per day. These backups were being done using Microsoft's native BACKUP DATABASE syntax, and they took between one and two hours to complete. Also, these backups totaled nearly 30 GB.
We moved to SQL Backup Pro and saw the time to backup decrease to 20 minutes. The total size of backup decreased to less than 5 GB.

We perform these backups using SQLBackupC.exe, the command line interface.
Today, we have more than 350 databases. We still back them up three times per day. They are all backed up within 27 to 30 minutes. The total size of backup is around 5.4 GB.
I've always been impressed by the speed and the compression benefits of using SQL Backup Pro.

As an added plus, SQL Backup Pro is also very stable. The SQL Backup service rarely ever needs to be restarted. The command line interface runs very rapidly and dependably. I love the way the wide-open command line syntax gives me control over the process so that I can keep the process streamlined.

Redgate's staff is always helpful and friendly. When given the opportunity, I highly recommend your software to my colleagues in the field. Thank you for great support and for a great product.

Tony Pirkle, Vice President - Technology, TractManager, Inc

Whenever I show people any Redgate software it's like they just escaped communist Russia and have a new life to live.

Scott Cowan, Senior Engineer, Sportinginsider.com

I use SQL Prompt whenever I write any SQL, simple or complex, because it's such a powerful programming aid. I no longer have to constantly look up or memorize obscure object names and SQL commands - instead I can just browse for them. Of course, it also saves lots of keystrokes.

Brian Finkel, Advanced Solutions Group

SQL Backup is awesome, period. I read about it in a SQL newsletter I receive and decided to try out the claims of reducing backups by 50% in both time and space. I loaded it on a development SQL server and was able to take a database that totalled 130 GB and ran for five hours with normal SQL backup tools to taking up 22.2 GB of space and running for two hours. It worked so well that I gathered some information using the three compression levels and presented my findings to the IT manager. Since we have more than 105 GB on each of our two production SQL Servers, he was very interested in the software. We have purchased SQL Backup and installed it on one production SQL Server. Our seven and a half hour backups each night on that server are now cut down to under two hours and are getting 87% or better compression on the backups. We are very grateful for the shorter backup window and the lower disk space requirements, and we can now increase the number of backups we keep by fourfold.

David Hibler, Jr., Finley & Cook PLLC

We're used to the 'auto-documentation' feature of VS2005, where you create XML comments once and then benefit from these again and again. SQL Prompt has evolved to provide this same auto-documentation functionality for SQL.   It's about freeing the mind from being a database repository and instead concentrating on problem-solving and solution-providing.

Dr Michael Dye, Dyetech

We spend a lot of time designing databases. We take all the requirements from the business and try to model out the data in the most efficient way possible. We look at how the developers are going to program their app and the types of queries this will require. We build clustered indexes based on this information so that the whole thing works together. Lots of people stop there. We don't. We then test all those assumptions and decisions by loading up the database and running the queries we created against it.

Redgate's SQL Data Generator has overnight become the principal tool we use for loading test data to run our performance and load tests.

We have other tools that work in a similar fashion available to us, but none combines the level of flexibility offered by SQL Data Generator with the real and immediate ease of use. I took part in the beta with the tool and fell in love pretty quick.

I especially appreciate the ability to reference pre-loaded data which allows us to load our look-up data our own way (we have an automated tear-down and recreate process) but still reference that data seamlessly in the load tool. It sounds like a tiny thing, but it really is a big deal. The ability to run all this from the command line means we can make generated test data a part of our automated processes. In short, this is a very useful tool.

Grant Fritchey Principal DBA, FM Global

About 18 months ago, I was installing a second instance of SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services on a 64-bit server. There was already a Native Mode instance, but the new instance was going to be in Sharepoint Integrated mode. I didn't have any other resources and needed to consolidate services on the existing server.

Though I had already rehearsed the installation on a test server several times, during the production installation, the procedure got hosed in the middle somehow. It reached about 90% the way through the installation, but never completed, even on multiple attempts. Since this was a production machine, already hosting reports in Native Mode, so I did not have the ability to start from scratch with a new build.

Instead, I used the Redgate SQL Compare product to study the differences between my test installations and the new (''hosed'') production installation. I was able to find several objects (tables and views) that were missing. Using the SQL Compare product, I was able to create the missing objects right from the software and apply them to the production server. Apparently, this is all that was needed. After a reboot, everything started to come to life and working as desired.

The server has been running healthy ever since. SQL Compare saved the day for me and the company.

Rob Fisch, Director of Global Technology, Kaz, Inc.

I've been a Redgate customer for over 2 years now and continue to be amazed at the overall quality of the company.  The products that I have used (SQL Compare, Data   Compare, Dependency Tracker, Doc Pro) are all top notch software. Easy to use, reliable and they do exactly what I need.  Not only do you have great products, but your customer service is outstanding.  During my last purchase, I had done 3 or 4 quotes with different combinations and options.  The sales representative worked with me to figure out the best fit for what I needed.  Even though I was only ordering $2,500 worth of software, I got a better level of service than from companies I've ordered $100,000 worth of software.  Today, I received an email from Angela Hand about our renewal and realized that we had mistakenly renewed our support on the Redgate tools that another department had used and was no longer using a couple of months ago.  I replied to Angela and explained our mistake and she promptly fixed the problem.  Every contact I've had with Redgate, either through email or telephone, has been a perfect example of great customer service.

  Jeff Martin, Senior Developer, Smith Seckman Reid, Inc

I laughed. I cried. I laughed at how much time SQL Prompt saved me. I cried at so many hours I wasted over the years. Simply, I love SQL Prompt. I'm a data management consultant in the mining industry with over 10 years of varied development experience. I spend 8-12 hours per day writing T-SQL and designing database solutions for our clients. I had an 8-day project during the trial period of SQL Prompt and the usual project constraints applied. Plus it was in Indonesia so there were language barriers to contend with as well. Having the database objects and error messages in Bahasa Indonesian didn't help either. SQL Prompt saved me, easily, 6-8 hours of typing (1 hour per day!) and that included the time it took to ramp up and tweak it to my needs allowing me to deliver additional requirements ahead of the project schedule. The scripts were much quicker to write, formatting was excellent and the quality was greatly improved as well. The quality was improved because I had the extra time to add those things we know we should but often neglect. For example, I made a snippet called 'hdr' which I used to insert standard comment header's into each trigger, proc, function etc. Now each of them is well documented and easier for other people to support. During a Project review with my team they couldn't believe the amount of work (and the quality) that was done in that short time period. I've saved so much time that I've even had a chance to respond to a feedback request! I'm now out of the trial period and it is like returning to the stone age or like typing with just one hand. I love the analysis, logic and troubleshooting aspect of what I do - not typing.

Lynton Mack, Micromine

In less than the time it took me to get a cup of coffee, SQL Data Generator created a database with 2 million rows of data for each of 10 tables. This tool not only allows me to make large databases with varied data types, it is smart enough to create logical data such as months, cities and dates. With its ease of use, logical user interface, smart data creation, and speed, it's the best data generator I've ever used.

Stephanie Beach, QA manager, Certica Solutions

It used to take me hours to generate useful test data. With SQL Data Generator, I generated better data in only half an hour, and after initial customization was done, in only seconds with just one click

Michael Gartner, Quintech

I used SQL Compare with a previous employer and loved it so much I brought the experience here.This time, we bought the whole package. Love it

Jim Franklin, Lead Solutions Developer, J2 Aircraft Dynamics

SQL Data Compare has revolutionized the way I manage our distributed development teams and I'm extremely pleased with it. Particular comments are:

  • Excellent service and response from your sales team – they were able to answer all questions very completely.
  • Great documentation and very intuitive interface – not normally that big an issue for developers but it makes a tremendous difference to the ease of use when the UI is so complete.
  • Speed – this is a big issue. I am literally staggered at how much more efficient it is to perform simple data transportation with SQL Data Compare. In some cases, it is up to 10 times faster to move an entire database with SQL Data Compare than it would be with DTS.
  • I particularly like the extent to which the user is kept informed of the process as the tools are run. Compared to running DTS packages these products are absolutely fantastic.
I wish I ran a bigger team so I could purchase more licenses to say 'thanks' for making my life so much easier!

Nick Stansbury, Development Manager, Sage Partners Ltd.

The Redgate  SQL Comparison  Bundle  has radically shifted the times spent  in performing the various aspects of  my job. Less time on the trivial / mundane means more time can be invested on the fun / exciting / innovative / creative.   Kudos on the product!

Ron Erdei, Database Architect, Purdue University.

Last year, I needed a .NET profiler and investigated several products.  One of those products was ANTS Profiler by Redgate Software.  The software installed fine and I had no problems with the trial license, putting it ahead of the other products I tried, but I couldn't figure out how to profile a DLL.  So I contacted support.  Although I'm in the States and they are in the UK, I had a response the next morning and found the problem in my code shortly thereafter. What really impressed me was that the technical support rep who could have answered my question was tied up in a meeting, so rather than making me wait longer, one of the developers responded to me directly with the information I needed.  

One of the other products I looked at seemed very promising, but after having problems with the installation and contacting support, I didn't get a response for more than a day, and then after sending them the information they requested, it was another day before I heard back (still without a solution).  By that time, I was already using ANTS successfully and was so pleased with the service I had gotten, I gave up on the other product and purchased ANTS.  

But it wasn't just the pre-sales support that impressed me. A few months ago, I was leaving to start my own business and wanted to transfer my ANTS Profiler license from my computer to one of the other developers.  They were just as responsive and the transfer was quick and painless.  I didn't think twice about buying a copy of ANTS Profiler for my startup company.

Elizabeth Shulok, President, Structural Integrators, LLC

We recently purchased the SQL Comparison Bundle and got to try out the other tools, such as SQL Refactor, at the same time.I have to say firstly that I am very impressed with the quality and rich, practical functionality built into your software!  The software is well-written, intuitive, with close attention to detail, and is full of the kind of functions one needs the most.  I can see that a lot of DBA feedback has gone into the process - take SQL Refactor's SmartRename for instance - only a DBA who works a lot with stored procs would think of that - and you have it!  Well done!

Secondly, the SQL Comparison Bundle we bought has shaved days off our database sync and upgrade tasks, and helped to increase the accuracy of the updates to 99%, making our lives much easier and our turn-around times much shorter.

I think that the Redgate suites are terrific value for money!Many thanks to all at Red Gate''

Sean van der Walt, Database Administrator, HCMT

Redgate's SQL Toolbelt was invaluable during our last database upgrade from SQL Server 2000 to a SQL Server 2005 cluster. SQL Compare allowed us to quickly evaluate changes in the database immediately after moving them to SQL 2005.   The Synchronize feature very easily allowed us to reconcile differences between the two databases. It was simple and straightforward to make the exact changes we wanted.  

Now that we have moved our infrastructure to SQL 2005, SQL Compare helps us rapidly synchronize our development, test and production environments. SQL Backup is also an amazing tool that lets us manage and monitor our backups in real time. The SQL Toolbelt has removed the burden of manually administering our databases and continuously writing and maintaining scripts.  At the same time, the tools provide enough granularity that we are free to change even the smallest detail.  

The SQL Toolbelt saves us so much time and work that I was afraid my director would decide that we don't need a DBA anymore! On the contrary these tools have really made it possible to do a lot more than we were doing. I now spend more time being productive rather than trying to chase down some obscure command line argument to do some extremely granular task.

Mike Poole, Database Administrator, Human Kinetics USA.

Just wanted to drop you a note to say that SQL Compare has saved the day again. This time, it REALLY saved the day. After spending hours looking at code, SQL, and reading more about SQL Server query hints and performance tuning than I ever wish to do again, I simply ran SQL Compare against a working database and the poorly performing one. In seconds the problem was obvious and the solution easy. Time to go home and have a beer.
SQL Server 0 : Redgate 1. Nice.

Rod Weir, Chief Software Developer, Help Desk Software

Love your products, service, and support. I am only a two-man shop, but feel like I get a good deal for my hard-earned money when I deal with you guys. If I were across the pond, I'd buy you a pint of Guinness. Cheers from Baton Rouge, Louisiana (USA)

Calvin Fabre, High Power Consulting, Inc.

Redgate customer service really is to be applauded – everything is always simple and easy with yourselves. We definitely made the right choice for our backup solution.

John Campbell, Intergraph

One of the key draws for Redgate tools has always been the price point and the rapid return on investment. The SQL Bundle has been a standard for my toolbox since 2000, across 4 jobs.

Peter Daniels, Database Administrator, InComm

My co-worker, Rob, and I have found great value in your ANTS Profiler application. We had one slight problem with it but Tom has been fantastic in resolving our issues. I am very impressed with your group's responsiveness and eagerness to help. Your group is top notch in my opinion.

David Anderson, Manager, Marketing Technologies, ING Group

I really cannot say enough good things about your company or the service. I used the SQL Bundle's products yesterday, and the problems I was having with our SQL Server are now solved because of the great product your company sells. The service has been first rate and prompt. I wish other tool vendors were this good.

Michael Johnson, Lakes Environmental

Thanks very much for your responsiveness to our request. Your service has impressed me as much as your product!

Kevin Kelley, VP Information Systems, Data Management & Research, Inc.

I would like to take this moment to say what a refreshing change Redgate Software's telephone support is. You are always courteous, helpful and friendly. You answer the telephone promptly and are willing to find a solution rather than give a 'standard' answer. You take time and are prepared to go the extra mile.

David Lee, Database Administrator, Carlson Marketing Group

I have been impressed with the service from Redgate since I first started using the tools about three years ago – both in terms of customer service, and responsiveness to feature requests and bug fixes.

Bernard Sheppard, Sheppard Consulting Pty Ltd.

Thank you for all your assistance ... It was wonderful working with your company, everyone I had contact with was very professional, knowledgeable and just eager to assist/provide wonderful customer service. Very refreshing and a pleasure! Keep up the great work!

Michele Dyer, MIS Technical Services, Affinity Health Plan

Redgate's email support is prompt and professional ...

Andy Clark, Visual Studio Magazine

The thing I love most about SQL Compare is that it reduces a mind-numbingly tedious, severely time-consuming task, down to a handful of button-clicks, and a casual glance. The mistaken assumption that Dev Studio 7.1 database create and change scripts produce exact schema duplicates just cost a team of programmers untold hours trying to debug the ubiquitous "it works on the dev server but not in production" problem, at the application level.

I solved it inside of 20 minutes, with SQL Compare – missing timestamp column on one table, and an exception being ignored because it was in place where 'nothing could go wrong.' (The latter easily pinpointed once the nature of the mismatch was known.)There are times that I love this business, this would be one of them – but, truth be told, this moment I have you to thank for. Because without SQL Compare, and given 700 rows in sysobjects plus 13,000 rows in syscolumns in the production db, it would've taken me hours upon hours to find...Now what to do with the rest of my day? :-)

Mark McGinty, Database Analyst/Consultant

In some projects we have five simultaneous database environments to keep in sync. I downloaded the SQL tools from Redgate and the next 14 days were the best SQL days in my life.

Guðbjartur Haraldsson, Kaupthing Bank

I have just purchased SQL Compare and within a few minutes it has saved me a couple of days of tedious, error prone work. This product is exactly what I need – it is absolutely excellent and I congratulate you on the production of such a useful item.

Gordon Wallace, Wallace Computer Systems (Comtass Solutions)

I was able to compare the two databases together. The comparison was a success. I didn't find any major flaws within the structures of the two databases. Thank you and your company for the time you spent to help me.

Michael Ashley, Application Manager, Amy Lynn, Inc.

We use the SQL Compare tool constantly for moving stuff from dev to live. Frankly, we couldn't cope without it now.

Penny Spokes, Digital Interactive Television (YooMedia plc)

Your product is simply the best at what it does. At my company, we have bought a few copies of SQL Compare and everyone is very happy with it. You have kept the tool lean and free from unnecessary fluff. It is very very efficient and so damn intuitive. The interface is spartan with just the right options – the kind every techie wants. Man!!!! Your product rocks.

Aja Rangaswamy, Senior Solutions Engineer, XM

We are very impressed with your software. I heard about SQL Compare from a good friend and colleague of mine and tried it out – we were in the middle of a problem involving the migration of database changes from our development environment to our production environment and had been beating our brains to death for a few hours trying to figure it out.After we installed SQL Compare, within a minute, we knew what the problem was and were able to apply the differences to the production environment and we had fixed our problem. All thanks to SQL Compare!We also found that SQL Compare makes a great audit tool when using the snapshots feature.

Garrett Meiers, Consultant, ConsulNIX

We have been working on a (Ceridian) upgrade and new installation of some features and have been having some connection issues. After trying to figure out why end-users were getting connection errors in production but not in development it occurred to me it might be an user/role issue. This application has a lot of custom roles, so looking through them in EM was not an attractive solution. Then I remembered I had SQL Compare on a development box and figured I would give it a try.

It worked like a charm! I was able to compare scripts and almost immediately see what roles were different in the two databases. This allowed us to go back to the vendor with solid data, and within 24 hours they had determined that one of their administrative processes, that is run infrequently, was resetting the particular role's permissions.

Patrick Klages, Information Systems, Department of Administration, Waukesha County

Tracking and releasing SQL code as it's being developed on one server, tested on a second, and is in live use on a third, was always a daunting task, especially when sometimes emergency fixes were made on the live server, but not backmerged down to the other servers. With SQL Compare, we finally found a tool that simplifies our releases 1000%. And with the new version, releases that used to take 20–30 minutes now take about 5. Hats off to Redgate. You guys are (as they say down in customer service) 'Da Bomb!'

David W. Clary, DBA, Ceiva Logic

We have a product that we are regularly producing updates for. Sysdepends is really messed up (throughout the development cycle there have been renames of tables etc. etc.). Before, sysdepends corruption meant that we had to massively re-order a script to make it run – it took about an hour to make a script work. I took a really old version of the database and compared it against the new one (i.e. – would have been a disaster under the older versions), and the [SQL Compare 3.15] script worked straight off.

So, for me at least, the sysdepends stuff makes a huge difference. I mean mega. In fact, words cannot describe how much of a difference this will make to our daily lives. It was so bad, we were planning to evaluate whether any of the other SQL Compare-type products would have done the job for us...but thank goodness, now we don't have to.Sign me up for the Redgate fan club...

James Berry, Senior Developer, Adastra Software

Having tried a previous version at a previous company, and loving it, I didn't hesitate to download and demo the new version at my new company. I was astounded by how much faster the new version was (and the old version wasn't a turtle to begin with). You took an already great product and made it a slam dunk. So, I could do the job by hand in hours, or use SQL Compare in seconds.

Tim Kummer, Consultant

I love your new version. It's sooooo fast. You must have either removed loads of redundant code or had a major breakthrough :-)It helps us so much in our development work deploying new versions of our .NET based web applications. It's amazing how fast it now registers huge databases, even over remote and slow links. Our application has around 100 big tables, loads of views and stored procedures. Every time we are updating schemas for version changes, on all our deployed applications, your tool is a big help.Thanks for a brilliant tool.

Chris Eckl, CTO, Sitekit Solutions Ltd

My database structure is complex and although previous versions of SQL Compare were vital to my success, it would take six to eight hours to complete database comparisons.

The same database comparison now takes less than 10 minutes.I just love this new version of SQL Compare 3. It is the only third-party tool that I use on a regular basis. I have investigated other tools that do database synchronization, but none of them have the robust set of features and functionality of SQL Compare 3.

I consistently recommend this tool to other DBAs as I could not accomplish the amount of work that I do without SQL Compare. I have been a customer since 1.0 and am amazed (and pleased) at the logical and wonderful progression of this product.

Jon Moorman, Senior Database Architect, London Bridge Group (Fair Isaac Corporation)

WOW!! Super Job!! This upgrade to an already outstanding product has sensible, intelligent changes and outstanding performance! I love this tool!

Marc A. Funaro, Advantex LLC

It's awesome. It clearly shows database differences in a way that is easy to understand. You can apply synchronization automatically, eliminating the need for any manual cutting and pasting. The speed and interface improvements have made SQL Compare the central tool for our change control process.

Marius Roets, Manager of Integration Solutions, Woolworths, South Africa

The user interface is slick. It actually surpasses Redgate's usual high standard. In general, it feels like I have gone from version 2 to version 100.

Adam Cogan, Microsoft Regional Director, Chief Architect, Superior Software for Windows

I'm impressed.Let me repeat that with emphasis – I'M IMPRESSED! The user interface is much better. Performance is awesome. I'm bugging everyone here that has it to check out the new version and I'm in the process of finding out if we can get everyone here upgraded. Between the performance bumps and the ability to develop synchronize scripts, this will become a tool for all of our developers.

John Palmer, IT Consultant, Penn National Insurance

Thank you!
It's Be-eautiful!
And Faaaaaast!
Great work.

Jacques Mignault, Senior Developer, 20-20 Technologies

We have evaluated the software and my company has now purchased it. I have nothing negative to say about it. I was not immediately convinced when you emailed me to say the new version was 50 to 100 times faster than the previous one. However, I have to say that when we tried the new version, it was much much faster and it really lived up to your claim. ... All in all, a great bit of software!

A real customer who would like to remain anonymous

SQL Compare is a truly valuable tool for any developer that values their time. Having evaluated a couple of similar but more expensive products, I can honestly say it is streets ahead of the competition. Having been involved in developing a similar product for Access, I can see the product from a developer's standpoint as well – it is exactly the way I would have developed the tool if it hadn't existed.

I have had the opportunity to show SQL Compare to other developers at User Groups and conferences and I can only say that I get nothing but thanks for enlightening users about the necessity for this product. Well done.

Adam Cogan, President Access/ASP/SQL Server User Group, Sydney, Superior Software for Windows

SQL Compare has significantly improved our database testing capabilities. This tool has given us immediate diagnosis of missing database items and provides an excellent utility for testing future versions of our database structures. SQL Compare has helped improve the quality of our software releases.

Craig Good, Solomon Test Engineer, Microsoft Business Solutions

My job used to consist almost entirely of comparing SQL databases, by hand. Now that I've started using SQL Compare I've bought a pair of glasses, painted on eyes, and now spend much of my day snoozing.

A real customer who would like to remain anonymous.

SQL Compare has saved us an awful lot of time and code and allowed us to get our version control organised across our 40 data warehouses. We're working on automating it to ensure our versions don't creep out. SQL Data Compare has given us a first look test approach to ensure we don't get any surprises when upgrading databases. Our warehouses contain around 8 TB of SQL data so they're not trivial. Like I said, great product, great value.

Mark Hickin, Touch Clarity Limited

I have been looking for a product like Redgate SQL Bundle for a while. Upon testing the product, I was extremely impressed! I would recommend this to any developer out there, as it is a huge time saver. Well done.

Penny Parbhoo, Managing Director, Get Solutions

We have already bought your accolade-deserving tool. And it works like a charm.

Koketso Mashao, Software Engineer, Council for Medical Schemes

I have to say (and my colleagues also) that this is one of the best third-party software tools we have ever seen. It worked flawlessly.

Dan Heinz, Software Architect

Great product! I was very impressed with this utility; its ease of use and sheer practicality were welcomed in this day and age of convoluted UIs and shoddy design.

Justin Martin, GIS Programmer/Analyst

Absolutely brilliant. Saved me easily a day or two's work in the first hour – and that hour included downloading the software, installing it, and learning how to use it...An excellent product. Well worth the cost.

Michael Done, Database Administrator

I have trialed a few synchronization tools for MS SQL Server and I have found that yours has been the easiest and most rewarding of the ones that I tried.

Stuart Stephen, Software Developer, Trace Group

Your products are very well built and have a great deal of functionality I would have never even thought that I would need, but now I feel like I can't live without it.


One of my colleges already ordered SQL bundle. The only problem we had during our testing was solved by your online-FAQ. It's not often I come across a product that actually does what it claims to do.

Richard Moeskops, Senior Multimedia Developer, Fontys Hogescholen (Fontys University of Professional Education)

...we have a license for SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare, which I requested to help me compare QA releases of a database with the current dev release before we roll out an application version into QA. Without it, the release would take all day. With it, it takes a couple of hours.

Emma-Jane Faulkner, Analyst Programmer, Compass Software (UK) Limited

Redgate has proven that .NET is the premier platform for creating developer tools. Their SQL Bundle is the fastest, most incredible set of tools I have ever used.SQL Compare pays for itself the first time you use it. Redgate has made it possible for a single developer to build enterprise applications as a one-person job.

Redgate's SQL Bundle is the most useful set of SQL tools on the planet. Period. I absolutely cannot live without them.The tedium and sheer complexity of managing database schema and data synchronization is gone. It has set me free, allowing me to focus on the functionality of my applications. I will choose creativity over tedium any day! Thank you, Redgate!

Keith Harvey, CTO, SCOPE iT, Inc.

This is an impressive upgrade from our first version. Excellent work by your development team. I figure an order of magnitude decrease in comparison time. The ability to execute change queries inline is a definite plus.

Carl R. Bondeson, Dir Software Development, Delphi Health Systems

Marvellous product, but I have one major gripe with it: Why, oh why, couldn't I have found this product last year? I could've taken all of December off.

Lasse Vågsæther Karlsen, Norcem IT Avdeling

We have a small development shop using SQL Server 2000 in websites and various applications from accounting to planned maintenance. We usually have several jobs on the go at a time, in different stages and, because we are small, we multi-task, sharing the programming, testing and documentation. One major headache is ensuring that the demonstration and production SQL servers are in step with those used for development; it's so easy to make a small change and forget to document it for the release process. Some of these minor changes don't show up until a particular piece of code is executed and so get missed in the handover testing, but cause problems in live operation.

SQL Compare has made sure we don't miss any of the changes; a simple comparison shows all the differences in tables, views, stored procedures, even the permissions. Since we started using SQL Compare (about a year ago), our update procedures are much smoother and more reliable, and we have spent far less time preparing new releases and making subsequent site visits to correct database bugs.

The SQL Data Compare program has also proved invaluable in ensuring that the data behind our e-commerce websites is up to date. We recently made major changes to our catalogues and the Data Compare program helped prove that the new data had been rolled out successfully.

Both tools have also been used for support purposes. Following a hardware crash, we used SQL Data Compare to compare the repaired database against the latest backup and identify the changes so that we could make manual checks before going live again.These are great tools, easy to use and understand.

Neil Moore-Smith, Net Helper Ltd

SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare save me a lot of time. I am able to instantly update my test server to mimic production's schema and data to troubleshoot a production issue, and then update it back to the development schema and data with little effort. Without it, I would be spending a lot of time writing upgrade scripts to run between servers.

Dave Sueltenfuss, Application Developer II, Arch Wireless (USA Mobility)

It's fast, simple and reliable.

James Rowland-Jones, Database Architect

After the very first trial I was convinced that SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare are tools that I have to have – the budget request was placed within 5 minutes of the tools showing they are capable of accurately and quickly comparing and synchronizing structures and data across the Internet from my local MSDE2000 test DB to the production SQL Server 7 – even over my backup modem connection running at 46k they synched 30000 product lines and the 12 associated tables in less than 20 minutes – a task that takes the best part of a day manually!!! Go try it and buy it NOW.

Paul Cooke, Bortec IT Ltd

The Redgate tools have helped me save an enormous amount of time upgrading client databases.

Erik Rossou, Innogy

The improvements since v2 are awesome! The speed increase in scripting the database for comparison is incredible. And the improvements in the interface made an easy-to-use product even easier. Please pass my appreciation on to your development staff!!!!

Michael Colbert, Director of Technology, RSA Medical

I just recently updated from 2.x of the SQL Bundle to 3.x. I have *got* to tell you my impressions! First, let me tell you, I wasn't sure if I could justify the upgrade – I am in a small company and upgrade cash is tight right now. SQL Compare 2.x works fine and provides the information I need, so can I really make the case that 3.x is worth the additional cost?

Well, in a word, "Yes"! And, absolutely, resoundingly, beyond any doubt! I can simply not say enough good things about the new version – it is fast, it is pleasantly designed...SQL Compare 3 (SC3) is delightful! I just created my first printed report using SC3, and I am entirely pleased with the print results too – instead of just copying the comparison grid to the printer, you have endeavored to, and succeeded in, providing a useful and informative report that captures the essential differences between the two databases I am examining. Kudos, kudos, and more kudos!

...By having SC3 directly run the comparison script, you have provided me an environment where I can effectively update another database with no undue fear of affecting the wrong one! And the speed increases are such that there is effectively no cost to refreshing the comparison, something I find necessary to do frequently. In just one week, SQL Compare 3 has saved enough of my time to pay for itself. In summary, I am singularly delighted with the update!

Robert D. Altman, Software Architect, Altman Software Design

I just had to tell you how incredibly awesome your SQL Bundle software is. I have purchased it for myself and I got it purchased for the large company I work for. This is going to save me hours of headaches trying to keep development and production databases in synch.

Every time I use your software I am just ecstatic about how easy and fast it is and how my job is that much easier because of it. When I first found your software I felt like a kid on Christmas morning who just got the brand new bike he was wanting. I know that might sound geekish, but it's true. Just wanted to share my excitement with you. Thanks.

Kevin Ogden, Database Application Developer

The company I work for – Titan Corporation – just bought a 5-user license for myself and a couple of other developers. We love your products – and the latest version rocks!

Terry Myers, Systems Engineer, Titan Corporation (L3 Titan Group)

I like your software – it works, it works well and is very dependable, which is exactly what I needed. Other SQL comparison tools I have work most of the time but they miss out subtle differences in the schema – which make them virtually useless to me. Thanks for doing such a great job on SQL Compare.I've also needed to use SQL Data Compare recently – just like SQL Compare, it works flawlessly, every time – thanks for such reliable tools.

David Lewis, Consultant, ABC Computing Limited

I just had to point out that the feedback from my development team is very positive (and that's a first:)) – they are all crying out for a copy! And what a difference upgrading to .NET; the timings I have been given are incredible. With all the data migration and model changes we do, these tools have become essential.These are excellent tools and are proving invaluable to our business.

Tim Dawson, Product Development Manager, Protocol Systems

We use SQL Compare to check compatibility between databases. SQL Compare has reduced a 2-hour task to 5 minutes. In most cases, SQL Compare enables us to make necessary modifications painlessly. SQL Data Compare has become invaluable for us to find missing or corrupted data in remote databases. When the corrupted data is price or cost information, dollars are saved. Prior to purchasing SQL Data Compare, finding corrupted data was tedious and time consuming.

Donald Hollis, IT Dept, MANKO Window Systems, Inc.

Happy to take the opportunity to thank you for this tool! I had seen prior versions, and the improvements in the latest version, especially in terms of comparison speed, are phenomenal! One brief demonstration of SQL Compare was enough to convince my boss to have the company purchase the one-year license, with support, for the SQL Bundle! The ability to document the schema, platform, and data differences between the development, testing, and production databases quickly and easily has saved me headaches and hours of my time. The ability to show others exactly what is different and HOW it is different makes my job much simpler. Thanks again!

Ben Bizzell, DBA

THANK YOU! There's a MAJOR improvement when comparing two SQL-servers. Now we don't have to think twice before doing an update! Besides, more differences are detected. We bought the previous version, and sure, we are buying this too. <Thumbs up>

Kim Hansen, ditmer a/s

It's user friendly. Everything you need for comparison is right there on one screen. There is no need to move back and forth between menus and different screens.

Jim Orzel, Supervisor of Data Operations, Divestco Inc.

It's very intuitive. The interface is clean and it's obvious what everything is there for. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed. I usually hand-code SQL queries when moving databases between environments and doing synchronization and replication checking. With SQL Data Compare, I can save up to several hours for each database. SQL Data Compare V3 is simple, quick and it saves time. Simply put, it does what it sets out to do.

Jasper Smith, SQL Server MVP

Impressed is the word! Cut our backup times in half and reduced the space used by 80%! Thanks a lot!

Tobie Dunn, Osiris Trading (PTY) Ltd., Johannesburg, South Africa

I just wanted to thank you for a good product at a good price and let you know we are happy with it. We're installed on three machines and I'm busy creating new backup routines to use the extended stored procedure. The first test backed up a 180 GB database over a gigabit network. Two hours later it closed a 31 GB file. The native process ran 7.5 hours and left a 145 GB footprint. I also like the use of SMTP email for notification. It sure beats installing Outlook on every server we want to monitor.

Greg R Bowen, Solutions Development Manager, Pinnacle Data Services

We are very glad indeed with the performance; backing up nearly 30 GB in just over ten minutes with a compression ratio of over 80% is very impressive...Thank you very much for your support and kindness, which, nowadays, is even more impressive than the software's great performance.

Rogerio Citro de Oliveira, Gerente de Business Intelligence / CRM, Close-up España

I would just like to say that I am very selective in utilizing third party software. Redgate SQL Backup is a great tool. I read a comparison between SQL Backup and three other similar SQL Server utilities. I ran my own testing between [the competition] and Redgate SQL Backup. SQL Backup not only outperformed but is a great value at a fraction of the cost of [the competition].

I am currently saving over .5 TB in disk storage and tape backup space and have plans for more. I have reduced my nightly backups by 6½ hours combined time. In using this product I managed to put off buying a new LTO2 tape library which would be about a $10,000 saving. It also saved me from having to add additional LUNs on my SAN where I backup to. Thanks for a great product!

Corey Cortez, DBA, Stephens Inc.

I have evaluated and used your SQL Backup product and have found it lived up to all your promises and have just purchased the product. It is efficient and easy to use.

Michael Weidner, M.I.S. Manager, Mistral International Pty Ltd.

Of the products that I evaluated, I like SQL Backup the best ;-))

Bill Dillon, Sr. Database Administrator, Menlo Worldwide

Just downloaded, installed and tested and SQL Backup backed up my data to less than half the size of the standard [SQL Server] Enterprise backup. And the restore was seamless. Very nice application.

Andrew Sutton, MVP

Based on my testing, I'm very impressed with this product. Backup speed and compression are very good and it offers excellent value for money for SQL shops that want to reduce their storage costs.

Jasper Smith, a SQL Server Most Valued Professional (MVP)
"The purpose of selecting a transaction log reader was to produce an audit trail of a SQL production database. For this purpose I selected four software packages, one of them SQL Log Rescue. After installation I made some changes in my database to check if they could be identified by the mentioned programs.

This is where the differences between products appeared. The other packages did not directly show all the changes (probably due to my inexperience with the software or the complexity of the interface). SQL Log Rescue directly showed all the changes, and they were presented in a simple and clear overview. SQL Log Rescue did exactly what it was supposed to do, what I expected it would do, and what I was looking for. So, for me, it is clear that this software is what I needed.

Alex Otten, Software Architect, Organon N.V.

[SQL] Log Rescue fills a gap in SQL administration. I was able to completely rebuild one of our databases and recover exactly what I wanted from another log.

Art Remnet, Senior Consultant/DBA, Sichun Consulting, Inc.

The highlights of your products (including Log Rescue) are their relatively low cost, their simple UIs, and the fact that they just work. In my years of experience with SQL Compare, I don't think I've ever run into a bug. The fact that you guys have so few releases is a huge plus for me. Many of your competitors end up with feature bloat. Your offerings just excel at whatever it is their purpose is. I look forward to relying on Log Rescue in much the same manner I do with SQL Compare.

Seth Rothman

We chose SQL Data Compare because we wanted a flexible replication solution that deploys easily, requires no changes to the source database, and needs little or no administration. Setting up replication between sites with the command-line utility is quick and easy. We can schedule data synchronization as often as we need it.

Eddie Smith, Database Architect, Citadel Security Software (McAfee)

I love the ability to use command-line functionality to specify the comparison of a single object or a set of objects. It's a quick way to determine if an object is the same between my development and QA environments.

Jon Moorman, Senior Database Architect, Fair Isaac Corp.
"As we started a new development adventure moving our work order system from Cold Fusion to ASP.NET we were in need of a database re-write. As I started the process and got a new developer on board, it was quickly realized that keeping up with database schema changes was difficult.

The best part about it, I figured out that I could add the Compare configuration files (for schema and data) to SourceSafe. Now my other developer just gets the latest file version automatically, double clicks on the file in Visual Studio and is able to quickly launch the Compare tools and get his local copy of the SQL database the same as mine. It has been an absolute time-saver for us. We can concentrate on development and not wasting time making sure the database schema is the same. Thanks for a Wonder Product!

Robert L. Taylor, Senior Web/Systems Developer, DataStarUSA, Inc.

Currently we keep a copy of each and every 'build' of our product stored on a backup SQL box that we use to do a compare against when we release each 'new' build. Our plan is to create a .NET app to generate snapshots of each build (and store them in Visual SourceSafe) so we can do this 'sanity check,' not only prior to releasing a new build, but actually verify that client databases are properly synched at all times (by sending them a 'client' version of this app). We don't 'own' the client databases so they sometimes change without our knowledge. The Toolkit will help guarantee that our scripts will run successfully.

Seth Rothman, Product Manager for a CRM product used by 45 of the world's largest financial institutions

Simon and the Redgate team made the evaluation and purchase of SQL Compare easy. I was impressed with the speed of processing quote requests and the ability to purchase the software online without any hassles.

Ed Laczynski, Software Engineer, LTech Consulting LLC

The sales support has been great!

Penny Parbhoo, Managing Director, getSolutions

Judging from the response time I have had on this occasion, I can only say that your service is excellent.

Antoine Azzopardi, Datatrak Solutions

I must admit, I am most impressed with your response time. I am generally a very patriotic person, but you would not find a company here that responds in the time that you have.

Lynette Austin, Production DBA, Integration Works

Excellent service and response from your sales team – they were able to answer all questions very completely.

Nick Stansbury, Development Manager,Sage Partners Ltd

Redgate's sales department provided a quick response through email and solved my problem within minutes – they didn't make me wait all day long, like so many other companies do with their emails. Thanks for your help!

Ian Kirk, Qualifacts Systems, Inc.

I wrote to the Redgate sales email address at the point that I needed to activate urgently the SQL Bundle on a different machine. I needed to do it NOW! But I expected to have to wait for at least a day to receive a response. Resigned to the fact that I would have to wait for the response, I started to make alternative plans and restructure my workload. I was a little surprised when Redgate popped up in my inbox, literally within minutes ... I had no problem, the activation I needed was allowed, work load does not need re-scheduling, and what I expected to take at least a day was hardly worth calling a problem. Thanks, guys. Keep up the excellent service.

Roy Carter-Brown, Lead Technical Architect, Odin

Customers expect a responsive application, in addition to all other technical requirements. Redgate software has provided Verdasys with the tools necessary to meet those expectations.

Ryan Grimard, Development Manager, Verdasys

I used [ANTS Profiler] to increase performance on a personal application and man did it really work. I reduced the time of a process from 11 hours to 13 minutes.

Eduardo Fonseca B., Lidersoft

I had worked on a project for some time and, as it dated back to when I started working on ASP.NET, it wasn't the best designed piece of software. When we started to run into performance issues on the live production server we realized it was time to profile the application and identify where work was needed urgently!

After doing some research on different products, we initially tried a free VS.NET add-in which appeared to be able to do what we wanted. However, the problem we ran into very quickly, being new to application profiling, was that we couldn't do it. We returned to our search results and arrived at Redgate again – we had already bought their SQL Compare product for a previous project, and I remembered how helpful they had been when I called them for advice on doing the database conversion at that time. Once again, their online video demonstrations did the trick. During the video I saw exactly what I wanted to do, i.e. find the bits of my code that were performing poorly and being able to zoom in directly to the offending code to start the fix. And then be able to re-profile it to see the results.

Within a morning I had found the main causes, re-coded certain methods and come to the conclusion that another third-party component was running slowly and will require a re-write of its API interface in our code. The help was excellent, walking me through the process but even so I found myself returning to the online video once or twice to get the "quick" help.

Once again, Redgate has performed. The software was easy to learn and use with immediate help and tutorials to get me started when under pressure. The pre-sales staff were patient and knowledgeable in explaining the software and helping me select the correct product and, in the end, the software did the job well for me. Well done, Redgate and thanks.

Brian Furlong, Software Developer, Crosswins Services Limited

I just want to tell you guys that ANTS is great. I was able to profile an ASP.NET program and an NUnit test suite with no problems. None of the other profilers that we tested was able to do either one of those tasks.

David Scheidt, Developer – Application Systems
"Wow, I can't say enough about how impressed I was with Redgate and the ANTS Profiler. I wanted to try out the ANTS Profiler prior to making my purchase decision so I took advantage of the free trial offer and downloaded the software. The next day I received an email about a new version of the Profiler that was being prepared for production release so I downloaded that version and started giving it a try. I found out quickly how easy it is to install and use the software.

I have tried most of the other profilers that are available for .NET but none of them compare with the ANTS Profiler. Within minutes I was analyzing my ASP.NET application. We have a very large ASP.NET VB and C# portal application with thousands of classes and screens/pages so profiling the application is no small effort. When I went to a certain page on my site, the ASP worker process crashed.

I was able to recreate the problem, so I posted a message in the support forum and, shortly thereafter, received a phone call from one of the Profiler developers. Remember, I'm just 'trying' the software, but Tom Harris from Redgate was incredibly helpful, and within an hour or two he had determined the problem, put a fix into the profiler, and sent me a new version of the software which worked flawlessly. I went on to profile our application for about 15 minutes which, in turn, captured profile data for over 1,900 methods without any problems. Considering I was not a licensed customer, this tells me a lot about how these guys truly care about the quality of their products, and helping their customers make use of these tools.

Ed Lorenz, Software Architect, EDS

The ANTS Profiler is an essential part of every .NET developer's tool belt. It has saved our teams countless hours of fumbling around in the dark, chasing performance and capacity problems. Its ability to handle web applications, along with other project types, is especially nice.

Jeff Pek, Software Engineer, Autodesk

I'm telling you, this is an awesome product. First off, I had the chance to test the product against some very process intensive, multithreaded applications, one of which downloads and parses dozens of web pages simultaneously. I never experienced any problems through the experience with either the performance or memory profilers.

The memory profiler is intuitive and easy to understand; the stack-trace and source code is also very helpful for keeping track of objects. I could easily identify which objects were persisting as opposed to those that had been garbage collected by using and comparing the snapshot reports. The added ability to snapshot the performance profiling makes the process so much simpler than in version 1, because I no longer have to stop the process to view the profiling results. Being able to take multiple performance snapshots at certain points during the program execution is a tremendous benefit. Great product, it's been extremely useful and saved me hours of tracking down issues.

Chris Crabtree, InfoSquire
"Following our initial evaluation of ANTS Profiler we have purchased one license, and have already used it to identify several bottlenecks in our code and to speed up our applications, in particular resolving several performance issues in time for implementation on a client site.

May I congratulate you on bringing us yet another time-saving utility – in addition to ANTS Profiler, we have a license for SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare, which I requested to help me compare QA releases of a database with the current dev release before we roll out an application version into QA. Without it, the release would take all day. With it, it takes a couple of hours.

Emma-Jane Faulkner, Analyst Programmer, Compass Software (UK) Limited

I had a look at your ANTS Profiler – it's magic!

Pieter Grobler, Alkon (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

I love the ANTS Profiler. It's simple and the reports make it a picnic to home in on problem spots. I just browse for those bar graphs in the code listing and proceed to attack the code.

Bob Hall, One Lambda, Inc.

I found the product very straightforward to use, and I appreciate the fact that one can use it right away without a steep learning curve. I don't profile my code very often, but every once in a while I do so in order to figure out what is going on. I intend to buy one copy in order to have it on hand when I need it.

Corey Kosak, Senior Software Engineer

We ran Profiler across our newest web service to identify performance bottlenecks. It identified 3 lines of code that took 80% of the time. They were all XPath queries, which in isolation take no time, but with each of these executed over 800 times for our simulation, the tool showed these lines for the evilness that they were. Thanks to this tool, the simulation execution reduced from 300 sec to 40–50 sec, and we have now also bought a 5 user license.

Robert Slaney, SEEK Limited

...I'd have never found the bottleneck...nor would I have even suspected its existence...were it not for your software. And it was so simple to use! I simply directed ANTS to run the program, and voilà! Your software gave me back a drill down report – complete with all of my code – that even an idiot could understand, it was so intuitive. It's the coolest and most useful software I've seen in ages! It is exactly what the average .NET programmer needs. Unbelievably easy to use and right to the point of what is necessary in a profiler. I don't know how you did it. Thank you very much.

Mike Samuels, professional programmer for over 25 years

Your ANTS Profiler is a fantastic product. It is one of the very few applications that really does run 'out of the box'. I was profiling the library in question within minutes of installing your Profiler. I have already recommended it to others and received favorable feedback. I will definitely be adding this tool to my development suite in due course.

James Hebben, Managing Director, Extraview Ltd

ANTS Profiler is an asset to any developer's tool set. The ability to pinpoint weak links in code quickly and reliably helps developers build better applications.

Prashant Sridharan, Lead Product Manager for the Developer and Platform Evangelism Division, Microsoft Corp.

ANTS Profiler is much simpler to use than other .NET profilers that we have evaluated. It gives you the information that you need to make educated optimization decisions without distracting you with features that might never be used. With its ease-of-use and friendly pricing model, ANTS profiler has already proven to be a great investment for us.

Joshua Gall, Vice President of Microsoft Technologies, Digital Visions Inc.

We were particularly impressed that we could write our test scripts in Visual Basic.NET since this is the language that our developers use day in and day out.

Kurt Sharp, Project Lead, RCS Software

Just wanted to thank you for a great product. I have a bundle with SQL Compare 5 and its partner Data Compare. I have used SQL Compare a couple of times lately when moving our new development stuff to live server to save time. Works beautifully. Then yesterday we had to move our production server to another and bigger server. By using SQL Compare and Data Compare, we managed to move our 5 GB database to our new server with approximately 30 seconds of downtime... We just use SQL Compare to sync up the schemas, and then used SQL Data Compare when the old system was live. Then we took the system offline, ran another sync with only the changed data, and put the new system online. Extremely easy.

Morten Petterøe, CEO, Towah Entertainment Ltd

For me, SQL Compare is absolutely indispensable. As Project Manager I require that we have an exact compare result so that I can be confident that the database will perform exactly in production as it did in testing. It's fantastic because I just don't have to worry. It gives me tremendous peace of mind and I will not migrate an app without it! We're looking forward to getting our upgrade. I sincerely thank your team for the peace of mind I've enjoyed for the last few years when it comes to migration time.

Keith Sellon-Wright, Project Manager, Universal Music Group

I bless the day we bought SQL Compare – it saves me time so often. Must have paid for itself a hundred times over. There's almost nothing I would change about it.

Bill Geake, Martin Currie Investment Management

[ANTS Profiler] is one of the most useful tools I have ever used. I just bought a 5-pack for my development team.

Ron Dombrowski, Intergis

I thought your products were great when I first saw them, and now I've grown to count on them for everyday use. I'm a big fan.

Ken Zinn, Nonzero Solutions

After testing major competitors for SQL Backup, I found that it had the simplest interface, best overall speed and best ease of use. It did excellent in cutting backup times by 90% in my testing. Combine these items with, Encrypted backups, an SMTP mail client and a great price for our clustered solution. This made it the best tool for our backup needs.

Pat Wright, SQL Server MVP

I probably don't need to tell you what a time saver your products are. It makes changes to my production database a breeze. Tedious database reconciliation tasks are a thing of the past, and fast reliable updates are now the norm. Please count me as one very happy customer. In fact, I can't recall HOW I got it done without SQL Bundle. Please tell the whole team at Red-Gate – job well done.

Jim Swarr, Phoenix Controls (Honeywell Inc)

Your ANTS Profiler paid for itself in the first 10 minutes after downloading and installing.  I had a performance problem, but I didn't know where it was: the first run of the profiler showed me exactly where it was. Subsequent runs showed me where I could focus my performance boosting work. I had looked around before trying ANTS free download and the ability to get the job done rapidly was a key discriminator: the ANTS Profiler delivered the goods.  This is not a tool that gets in your way: I had the results, without reading documentation, within minutes! This is an invaluable tool to have in your programming tool chest.

David Takahashi, Pitney Bowes, Group 1 Software

I work for a small bank where the IT team is 'subjected' to frequent DR tests. After being left extremely frustrated having to rely on native SQL backups, I found this tool which we purchased and implemented. Shortly after, the business pulled a surprise offsite DR test on us. We recovered 20 databases (some over 60 GB) in 1.5 hours. What used to take us the entire day with major stress is now a pleasure, painless and stress free. Thanks guys!

Russell Fogg, IT Manager, Rennies Bank Ltd

I love this program. I am considering naming my first child Redgate Weese! I thought SQL Dependency Tracker Weese was probably too long.

Daniel Weese, Caelum Technology LLC

Your company is truly doing a fantastic job with your software, keep up the good work!   You are putting companies such as Quest and Lumigent to shame by making a product that is superior in many ways.

Christopher Robin, Database Administrator, Fish and Wildlife Commission

I think this is an indispensable tool and I wish I'd had it several months ago when I was completely rewriting a hundred stored procs.

Andrew J Kelly, MVP, Solid Quality Learning

If SQL Refactor were a woman I'd make sweet love to her.

Mladen Prajdic, SQL Developer, SQLTeam.com Weblogs

The time savings and professional touch that SQL Refactor adds will more than make it pay for itself. I use it at my day job to save myself time everyday. Now the thought of having to lay out my code by hand and type out 'SELECT * FROM' is so foreign and revolting that I also purchased  my own  personal license too for use in my after-hours consulting work.

Timothy Goldstein, Snr Database Administrator, Arapahoe County Govt

We had a database that had been dropped off of our backups by accident and then a programmer accidentally ran a query that destroyed a table.  We were very frustrated at that point, but Redgate Software SQL Log Rescue allowed us to quickly rebuild the table with very little down time and saved hours and hours of manual rebuild.   Thank you for the useful tool.

Shane Peterson, Director of ITOperations, US Media Organization

We were experiencing a number of different performance problems, so we downloaded ANTS Profiler to find out more. Five minutes after installing the evaluation of ANTS Profiler, we had discovered our first performance leak. ANTS Profiler is designed to make the whole profiling process easy. After one day, it had helped us to redesign a complete user scenario.

Doron B.,  Chief Architect, Bsor Projects

I have developed a small time-tracking system for my company. The development version sits on my laptop and the production version runs SQL Server 2005 on our network. Since the database is still quite tiny, I like to keep both versions in close synchronization. After returning from PASS there was a difference of nearly 50,000 records. Which was faster? Backing up and restoring, or running Red-Gate Data Compare? Of course there was no contest; Data Compare had the systems synchronized before I would have finished typing out the T-SQL backup command.

Michael Garstin, SQL Server Support Technical Lead, VMC Canada
"Many software development teams, when faced with performance problems in their application, think they know what is causing the performance problems and spend vast amounts of time changing their code in an attempt to fix the problem. Quite often, major structural and architectural changes are made, which destabilize the application and require a massive retesting effort. This approach is risky, time consuming, and will rarely solve the performance problems at hand.

ANTS Profiler takes the guesswork out of performance analysis by providing a simple, easy-to-use interface to identify the real performance hotspots. Time and time again, the developer's intuition about what's slow was wrong, and the performance hotspots identified by ANTS Profiler are actually quite simple to resolve. For these reasons, I highly recommend the use of ANTS Profiler for .NET development teams of any size.

Derek Mitchell, Senior Consultant, ThoughtCorp Inc.

Wow! This is it. This is the one. This is what I expect from Redgate. I just uninstalled all the other test installs for every other documenter I have tried...this one wins HANDS DOWN. When we looked at this, there were three DBAs huddled around my monitors and we all had the same reaction...dead silence...and then words of awed exclamation.

Doug Shontz, Senior Database Administrator, AdvancED*

Damn, that's a sweet little tool, thanks. I have to say, you guys rock.

Dave Sussman, ASP/ASP.NET MVP

It's always difficult managing databases and even more so in today's fast moving world where things are constantly changing. Redgate's SQL Prompt Bundle packs some real power and allows you to stop worrying about database management and get on with the job at hand. The SQL Prompt tool speeds up application development and the SQL Doc and SQL Refactor tools allow you to maintain applications with 100% assurance that you're doing a good job.

Phil Winstanley, ASP.NET MVP
"I've used (and continue to use) SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare in the development of our OfficeStatus product - a distributed, data-centric application designed to replace the traditional magnetic "in/out board" with a robust, software-based solution. Because of the complexity of the application, we have numerous database staging environments (development, QA, production trial, etc.) that require both schema and data synchronization, and Redgate SQL comparison products make this task trivial.

Perhaps even more importantly, I use these products to generate the SQL Scripts that actually ship with our production code. These scripts are responsible for generating new product schema, initializing default entity data, and providing upgrade paths between versions of our product schema. In this last regard, SQL Compare is a *massive* time saver, and has paid for itself many times over. Doing this manually would be a complete nightmare.

Mark Richards, CEO & President, Key Metric Software, LLC

In summary, I'm very impressed. I won't be uninstalling this one. SQL Prompt 3 is well worth a measly $195 of your boss's budget.

Jamie Thomson, Senior Technical Consultant, Conchango Plc

Recently, a large block of data was deleted from the database of one of our major applications. While we were able to restore the database, management wanted solid answers about how this incident occurred. I downloaded the SQL Log Rescue tool and within two hours was able to review the transaction logs and determine the date, time and application user responsible for the data deletion. Our management staff was very impressed with SQL Log Rescue for its value as an investigative tool, and were even more pleased with its potential for data recovery.A happy Log Rescue customer

"I am very impressed with your tool. It not only gives ease of programming, but reduces the number of things about my database schema that I keep in my head and enables fast programming. Hats off to your team.

Abdul Khadar, Software Engineer, Sutherland Global Services

ANTS Profiler Professional (V3.0) provides memory usage information in a clear, concise and accurate way that demonstrated to us exactly how the memory in our enterprise windows form application was being used. The analytical and graphical information allowed us to tune the application for greater performance in a relatively short period of time.

Without a memory profiling tool like ANTS Profiler, this accomplishment would not have been possible. The end result is an application that uses memory in a far more effective way leading to much greater customer satisfaction. A minimal learning curve is needed to become effective with this intuitive tool. We learned that just because an application is developed in a managed memory application such as .Net C#, memory usage still has to be evaluated and verified to be sure it is being used correctly.

Charles Utter,  Senior Developer, Regional Income Tax Agency, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A

I would recommend Chris to anyone wishing to work with the Red-Gate ANTS software sales team. Issues were addressed quickly and to my complete satisfaction.  His helpfulness and courtesy made the Red-Gate software purchase experience a pleasure.

Paul Whewell, Manager Applications Development, Regional Income Tax Agency, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A

We are used to bad product support stories, so I would like bring a different one that impressed me in a positive way. A few days ago I purchased ANTS performance profiler from Red-Gate. The profiler looked very good and handy, but when I ran it on my Dell notebook, timing in report were all wrong: they showed millions of seconds instead of small values.

I was quite dissapointed that the profiler did not work on my notebook, because it's my main work horse. I wrote a mail to Red-Gate support, and they took it very seriously. I was getting several emails a day with requests to try different things. Eventually they managed to find not even one but two issues that may occur on some notebooks:

1. Multiple processor PCs with power management features may require a hot fix for applications that require high performance (e.g. games and profilers). The fix is available from Microsoft.

2. Certain notebooks use a feature called SpeedStep to optimize battery lifetime. Having this feature enabled may distort profilers' time computation.

I applied a hot fix, disabled SpeedStep and ANTS profiler's reports got back to normal. Red-Gate promised that their next version should have a workaround that would not require disabling SpeedStep.

This investigation took several days, and I must say I am very pleased with the amount of attention Red-Gate team paid to this issue. So I decided to share this story with you guys. And no, I don't have any relationship to Red-Gate except being their customer.

Vagif Abilov, Chief System Architect, Contopronto AS - extract from a post on Code Project

Because of my analyst/developer role in a small development team, I use SQL Studio Management Studio pretty much on a daily basis. I cannot begin to imagine how much time SQL Prompt has saved. And there has not been a case where I have been doing something in SQL and have not found it useful.

Whenever I am assisting one of our developers and they don't have it installed, it is my first recommendation, and I liken not having SQL Prompt installed to them writing their applications in notepad. Once they see it in action, they are pretty much hooked.

Version 3 is a big improvement over version 2 and I am excited to see what version 3.1 has to offer.

Chris Wallace, Analyst/Developer, GEOSIGN Corporation

What makes SQL Doc great in my opinion is it's simplicity in use .. I give this product a thumbs up and if you have a need for database documentation, then Red-Gate has you covered.

Steven Swafford, AspAdvice.com

SQL Doc is embarrassingly easy to use.

David Hayden, DavidHayden.com

I have the excellent SQL Prompt plugin for Query Analyzer which makes looking up tables and columns a snap.

Nathan Mische, newschuyl

SQL Prompt 3 can be a life-saving tool for those who do not know SQL or are just learning.

Michael A. Garstin, Gastor's World

SQL Prompt s is a must-have tool for all T-SQL developers.

Brian Brewder, Brian Online

For a spoiled person like myself, who will look for "IntelliSense" even to code a batch file of three lines for, SQL Prompt is a real gift!

Sohail Iqbal, Screenshot

Just dropping you a note of thanks for the ANTS Profiler. We have found it invaluable in our performance tuning tasks for our custom .NET applications and components/controls. The recent integration into the Visual Studio 2003/2005 IDE environments makes the product, already a winner, even better.

ANTS Profiler has saved me and my company countless amounts of time over the years and most definitely performs better than advertised. To anyone on the fence I would say run, don't walk and buy it.

Lonnie Allen Watson,  Chief Technology Officer, Tidgewell Associates, Inc.

I needed to find a bottleneck in a .NET DLL I wrote that was running inside a 3rd party application. It was the first .NET assembly I had worked on, so I didn't have a .NET code profiler handy. I was hoping to fix the problem before an upcoming release so I downloaded trial versions of several .NET profilers hoping one would help me. The first one was so complicated that I gave up after 10 minutes. I couldn't get the next two to install and run, despite contacting support. I was ready to give up altogether until I found ANTS Profiler.

ANTS Profiler was easy to install and run. When I needed help setting it up to profile my DLL rather than an EXE, Redgate was very responsive and helped me get up and running quickly. Once I had their response, I was able to start profiling my code within minutes and found my bottleneck easily. The ANTS Profiler interface is simple and intuitive to use, yet it is powerful enough to provide me with all the information I need to spot problem areas in my code. I was thrilled by how quickly this product helped me and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone writing managed .NET applications.

Elizabeth Shulok, Manager of Product Integration, Bentley Systems Inc

I found SQL Backup to be a powerful tool with an intuitive interface. I particularly liked the timeline monitoring in the GUI, which clearly displays backup schedules for multiple servers, making it easy to identify any backup failures. It's then possible to drill into the details of the job in order to investigate the cause of the problem.

David Cunnington, Software Developer and beta tester of SQL Backup 5

I was keen to see how SQL Prompt had improved in its latest incarnation and I have to say I am really, really impressed .. I can't praise this tool highly enough, it's brilliant.

David Grey, Microsoft MVP, David Grey's blog

Our production systems have benefited from SQL Backup by allowing us to take snapshots throughout the day in about half the time of a Microsoft native backup, while reducing the impact on our users. Our development staff have benefited by being able to quickly restore a database from production into a test environment.

It is now possible for us to transmit one of our larger database backups to an offsite facility every night. The product is easy to use, extremely efficient, and very reliable.

Alan Greenstein, CIO, Hoss Equipment Co.

Redgate's SQL Backup 5 is simple to install, easy to use, and is very affordable. The ability to view the status of backups across several servers, using the timeline, allows easy tracking of what's happening. This is a must for any DBA. Redgate is certainly our preferred backup solution, considering its speed and reliability.

S. Mistry, Database Administrator and beta tester of SQL Backup 5

I want to congratulate your programmers on an awesome upgrade to version 5. It is much easier to edit and monitor jobs.

David Schneider, Application Development, Altus Group

I just downloaded SQL Backup 5 and upgraded our servers from version 4. I wanted to let you all know that you did an EXCELLENT job with this upgrade! I am very impressed with the improved functionality that you have provided with this release. The ability to upgrade all of my servers from my workstation is a huge plus and the process has been flawless. I showed our system administrator the timeline feature, and he was so jealous! You guys are awesome! Keep the great releases coming!

John Daniels, Database Administrator, RBC Ministries

I spent some time investigating the various products available to fulfil my SQL offsite backup requirements, and I have been very pleased with my decision to go with Redgate. The software has by far the most user-friendly, intuitive interface in its class; the backup routines are well-compressed, encrypted for peace of mind and are transported to our server rapidly. The support staff I have dealt with have all been very helpful, professional, and they have worked to help me choose the most relevant product in the range to suit my requirements. I couldn't be happier.

Kieron Williams, IT Manager, Brunning & Price, UK

SQL Backup from Redgate allows us to achieve results that far exceed the native capabilities of SQL Server. SQL Backup is pivotal in supporting the UK's online data repository of newspaper articles fed by the national publishing houses. Our administrative and system overheads have been considerably lowered, our resilience is second to none and, critically, we have received real cost savings as a result.

Derek Colvin, Chief Technical Officer, Newspaper Licensing Agency

Within four hours of downloading and installing ANTS Profiler, we've managed to cut about 30% of the execution time of a print function that was taking too long to complete. I can't see how we would have found the bottleneck  as fast without the clues provided by ANTS Profiler performance profiling.

ANTS Profiler helped us take away 30% of time spent in that particular function. In time units, we're talking about a 0.2 sec gain, which is kind of nice for a routine that is called once for every ticket that is printed in an app used to sell tickets for arenas with up to 20k seats.

Ulf Lundgren ,  Chief Technology Officer, Transticket

I am so amazed at how wonderful the products are!  SQL Dependency Tracker far exceeded my expectations - and I have been demonstrating it to my co-workers and my boss. It even helped us to see when we had references to non-existent databases.  It is incredible

Danette D. Riviello, Lead Database Administrator

You people make some amazing software that really helps save massive amounts of man-hours.

Clayton Kramer, Director of Support, Sepialine Inc.

We are already a user of the SQL Backup Product, and please pass along my sincere thanks to the product teams and developers. We previously used SQL LiteSpeed from Imceda, and I have to say your product BLOWS THEIRS OUT OF THE WATER in terms of usability, upgradability, ease of use, and performance.

Joe Cruz, Sr. Systems Programmer, University of Pennsylvania.

My trial with ANTS Profiler was excellent.

I had been pulling my hair out for three weeks with a performance issue and the Visual Studio/ Team Suite Performance Tools couldn't handle it. They just kept blowing up on me. So, I tried ANTS Profiler. I installed it and found the problem in less than 30 minutes! After practically going insane for three weeks.

Outstanding tool. I love the thing.

Rich Mershon, CTO, BlackRock Technologies

Our company was looking for a tool to profile a medium-sized WinForms application. I had tried a few different open-source and commercial packages, and was getting a bit frustrated with the instability of these packages and the erroneous data some of them were reporting. I downloaded the ANTS Profiler expecting more of the same, but it blew my expectations out of the water. Its simple interface helped me to identify trouble spots in the code quickly, and the results were surprising: many of the hot spots were in places I would not have guessed without the tool's guidance.

In the end, we were able to improve performance in parts of the application up to 10x, and our customer noticed the results. A powerful, instantly understandable profiler. Highly recommended.

Dan Ports, Lead Developer, Intrigma Inc.

I've spent the last week turning a 3-hour process in our application, into a 10 minute one, by using ANTS Profiler to identify where we can cache data!

I was working on the design of an online Job Evaluation application, consisting of a series of questionnaires used to score and grade positions (which ultimately feeds into a pay modelling application). The scoring and grading is done by VB.NET scripts written by our implementors (not our developers), which we dynamically load and compile and then execute for each job in the system. There are typically tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of jobs, and the data is normalised into Job, Question and Answer tables (eg. the answers table contains a row per job, per question).

Grading several thousands of positions was taking around 3 hours when we started, so we ran the profiler over it. Through a combination of pre-fetching data (as opposed to lazy-loading) and caching records that never changed in memory (so we weren't hitting the database quite so much), we've got this down to about 10 minutes.

Danny Tuppeny, Software Engineer, Link HR (a division of Northgate HR)

I have just purchased the pro version of the product. While so far I have only used the performance profiler, I found it to be very easy to use, and within minutes I found two specific areas of my program that were causing significant performance issues. These were small methods that were being called many times - I would never have thought to look at these methods if I had not used ANTS Profiler. Within a few hours, I was able to make changes which reduced the time it took to run the program by two-thirds.

Vic Bertolozzi, Melaneus Premier Financial Systems, LLC

I was able to speed up an application by about 80 fold within the first hour of the trial [of ANTS Profiler].

Charles Cook, Web Programmer, 352 Media Group
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