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Most influential in the database community 2022

About The Redgate 100

What is the The Redgate 100?

Redgate accelerates the delivery of high-quality software while protecting sensitive data for database professionals. But there's no way we could do it alone! There are countless people who drive the database community forward each day through their thought leadership, influence and by giving back to those in the industry.

We'd like to recognize those individuals for their work, their illuminating perspectives and for making the community what it is today. The Redgate 100 is a list of the top online influencers in 2022, divided into nine subcategories and presented to recognize their impact in the community. Some people will appear in more than one category, acknowledging their breadth of influence, but there are 100 people featured in total.

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How were The Redgate 100 chosen?

The list is curated using a combination of methodologies. We analyzed how much influencers speak about certain topics across a variety of online channels; on social platforms, blogs, forums and in the news. This was calculated for the first half of 2022 using Onalytica's influencer marketing software platform, which measures an individual's resonance through topical engagement, their relevance (the number and topical significance of their posts on topic) and their reach (determined by the number of their followers).

For two of the categories, Community Heroes and Ones to Watch, we supplemented the list with data professionals who we already know or who were recommended to us in the field, and who display their influence in a way that the software's algorithm would not be able to accurately measure.

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Disclaimer: As ever with these lists, it must be stressed that the ranking correlates to a strong indication of influence - however no definitive measurement of influence exists.

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